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July 01, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
July 1, 2015 - Through all its changes, adaptations and adjustments over the years, SEO remains one of the most valuable means of building your business's presence on the web. That being said, targeting the proper keywords for your brand is one of the more useful tools to help you attract new customers and leads. Discover the secrets to expert SEO keyword research with help from Clear Sky SEO.

For years, keyword research has been at the forefront of SEO campaign strategies, helping digital marketers capture the attention of new potential customers and clients. However, one of the primary obstacles these marketers face is targeting the right keywords for their brand.

In the past five years, SEO has evolved to incorporate much more than just simply inserting a targeted keyword here or there in order to capture rankings. Nowadays, SEO is much more about providing a quality experience to the user free of deception or false information.

That being said, whenever you are creating content for your website, do so in order to address a specific need of your target persona rather than focusing on stuffing in as many keywords as possible. Putting the user first will not only help you create more engaging content, but it will also help you gain keyword rankings as you put demonstrate expert, authoritativeness and time invested into making the page.

Whenever you add a new page to your site, doing so with the user in mind helps your web pages add value to the web rather than clutter. As users begin to recognize the value of your site as an informational resource, they will help you develop the signals you need to climb to the top of Google search engine results pages.

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