PreApps Announces The Best New Upcoming Apps For July

July 02, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
July 2, 2015 - Today PreApps is proud to announce the release of 7 new upcoming apps with promising success. PreApps brings to you the best new game apps of July including: Mazecraft, Fuzzy Posse, Dinofour, Temple of Thumb, and Play Physics. All of these apps include beautiful graphics, compelling story lines and addictive qualities. Additionally, PreApps announces the release of upcoming new social media and lifestyle apps to make life a little easier. Bumpn keeps you updated with your friends pictures and videos and EarlyBee lets you stay on top of all your errands in a fun and effective manner. Read a little more about all these apps have to offer.

1. If you hate planning events big or small EarlyBee is the app for you. EarlyBee is an app created to facilitate errands and revolutionize to-do lists. Input time and locations of tasks and EarlyBee calculates routes and much more!

2. Want to design your own games instead of just playing them? Take a look at Mazecraft, an app that lets users build mazes and challenge friends and other gamers around the world. Play and build countless mazes stocked with dangerous obstacles and deadly surprises!

3. Stay in the loop with Bumpn, the new social media app that lets you stream photos and videos instantly. Check out bumpn today and get your hands on new entertainment comedy and sports!

4. Learning physics has never been so entertaining with Play Physics! Play with pulleys, wedges, solve puzzles and really grasp the concepts of physics. Great for Middle and High School kids!

5. Is there any better posse than a fuzzy one? Probably not. Take a look at Fuzzy Posse, a new app game takes you on adventures with adorable fuzzy creatures. Escape cages and bad spells and defeat Evil Witch Olga here.

6. Go on an adventure like never before with four dinosaur pals in the new gaming app, Dinofour! Follow Dino and friends as they solve a series of puzzles, overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies.

7. Put your thumbs muscles to the ultimate test with Temple of Thumb. The upcoming app game where you play as your thumb and must explore all the trap filled levels and puzzles to escape the maze.

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