John Galt Steel Marketing to the "Selfie" Generation

July 08, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
July 8, 2015 - Introducing John Galt Steel as the first in the history of the Metals Industry to distribute on line certified round bar steel through ecommerce. John Galt Steel was formed as an effort to overcome the anxieties and challenges of buying and selling steel to Millennials. The Steel industry still markets to the Baby Boomer Generation whose values consisted of justice, integrity, duty, family and practicality, Steel was a white mans world.

Well…not anymore. The Millennials are a massive generation of 76 Million surpassing the Baby Boomers. They are buying differently because they are digitally driven. The values that drive them are happiness, diversity, discovery, sharing and passion. They don't want the good old boy steel man approach of cold calling them at work. They grew up with choices and options. They want it when they want it so they will find you and not the other way around.

At John Galt Steel we get that. Our website is the First ecommerce site with certified steel made simple and fast. You don't need to be a metallurgist to buy our steel and we offer full traceability trustworthy of NASA.

By 2020, Millennials will have made up 75% of the work force. John Galt Steel is passionate about supporting Millennials and Mentoring opportunities for them to break into the Metals industry.

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