Dr. Ungson and Dr. Esquerra form the best Duodenal Switch team in Mexico

July 16, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
July 16, 2015 - Mexicali Bariatric Center, one of the world's most advanced weight loss centers, presents its new team of bariatric surgery. Dr. Gilberto Ungson and Dr. Antonio Rodríguez Esquerra form the best Duodenal Switch (DS) team in Mexico. Dr. Ungson is one of the most prestigious bariatric surgeons in the world and the leading authority in the duodenal swich, one of the most effective -yet difficult- bariatric procedures there is. He was a close friend of MBC's founder, the late Dr. Alberto Aceves, and now he is working alongside Dr. Esquerra, one of the most innovative bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

Dr. Esquerra is certified by Mexico's Board of General Surgery and is member of several surgery associations such as Mexico's College for Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases and by the renowned International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity And Metabolic Disorders (IFSO). He actively participates in seminars and congresses throughout Mexico and the United States. He has a strong track record thanks to his high skills and his humane and understanding approach to the health of his patients. He has performed hundreds of laparoscopic procedures, always with excellent results.

The duodenal switch (DS) was developed a few decades ago but until very recently it was perfected; the results obtained by this procedure are among the most successful compared with other laparoscopic weight loss procedures. Duodenal switch in Mexico is both safe and affordable thanks to the practice of surgeons like Dr. Ungson and Dr. Esquerra.

Duodenal Switch surgery has as main objective the reduction of the stomach and the limited absorption of calories. With this method a large portion of the stomach is removed and the intestinal tract is altered, altering the digestion and absorption of food. During the Duodenal Switch, over half of the stomach is removed (it is cut and removed) vertically rather than horizontally and thus the junction between the stomach and intestine remains more as it used to be. For weight loss surgery in Mexico, the duodenal switch is one of the most recommended procedures, although only a very few, such as Dr. Ungson and Dr. Esquerra, can perform this technique safely and effectively due to its complexity.

By having Mexico's top DS team in the hands and skill of Dr. Gilberto Ungson and Dr. Antonio Rodriguez Esquerra, Mexicali Bariatric Center continues to be the best weight loss institution in the country.

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