Own the Zone joins forces with Mats Wilander and Wilander on Wheels

July 21, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
July 21, 2015 - Own the Zone Sporting Goods (OTZ), a leader in the eco-friendly, green product market is pleased to announce its sponsor partnership with Wilander on Wheels, a revolutionary fantasy tennis experience that brings the dream of hitting with Mats Wilander, former 7 time Grand Slam champion to your tennis court. EcoGrip® is the first high performance, eco-friendly overgrip that biodegrades naturally in the environment.

"I have been playing with EcoGrip on my racquets for the past year." said Mats Wilander. "Now that I've found a very high performing overgrip that is also eco-friendly I'm going to continue to use it. EcoGrip is a win-win both for me and for the environment."

"We are excited to be working with Mats and the Wilander on Wheels fantasy tennis program." remarked David Marcus Co-President of Own the Zone. "Today Mats Wilander is a great tennis pro, mentor and teacher as well as a very popular tennis commentator on Eurosport TV. Mats is a global ambassador for tennis and we are delighted he chose to play tennis with EcoGrip."

"Our eco-friendly overgrips play at a world class level. By playing with EcoGrip you join the green team", said Julius Stockfish, Co-President of Own the Zone. "EcoGrip will decompose naturally in the environment within a year after being removed from your racquet. Its time to get our grip and help make tennis a more sustainable sport."

About Own the Zone Sporting Goods: Own the Zone (OTZ) is a leading sporting goods company in the 'eco friendly, green' market space. OTZ sells four (4) types of overgrips: EcoGrip Smooth is for players seeking the most comfortable grip, EcoGrip Hi-Tac has comfort and longer lasting tack. Eco-Grip Pro is for advanced players who like a slim grip. EcoGrip Dry is for players looking for a very dry, comfortable grip. The grips will naturally decompose in a compost or landfill within one year after being changed out for a new grip. The colorful OTZ band dampeners have been sold since 2006. They are recognized as the best dampener on the market for tennis rackets. OTZ products are currently sold over over the Net at http://www.otzsports.com

Contact Information Own the Zone Sporting Goods, Tel: +1(216) 772-0407,
email: info@otzsports.com

About Wilander on Wheels - Wilander on Wheels is a revolutionary fantasy tennis experience that brings the fantasy of hitting with Mats Wilander, former 7 time Grand Slam champion (8 if you count doubles) to your tennis court.

For more information on how to bring WOW to your backyard you can check out www.wilanderonwheels.com or email wow@wilanderonwheels.com

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