shalloWit clothing, Not Just Another Indiegogo Campaign

August 08, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
August 8, 2015 - Houston, TX - Clothing with a purpose has become the latest craze in millennial fashion, something shalloWit clothing is counting on with their new Indiegogo campaign. shalloWit clothing was designed to be a method of dialogue between believers and nonbelievers; a way of finding common ground. It is about sharing God's love for people in positive interaction and community-building. shalloWit is not a hammer over the head. It is not preaching or provoking. It is simple designs with deep meaning, that the creators hope will encourage dialogue and raise understanding about what Christians actually believe.

"I know in my heart there is a way to profess who I am without clamoring for attention or turning people away from the message of God's love for humanity," says founder Denny Giles. "People of faith can work with others who don't have the same beliefs. We can engage in thoughtful discussion with those who don't share our beliefs, and that's all shalloWit is about-opening up that discussion with other people who may not necessarily think as we do."

Understanding, not confrontation, is the key to having fruitful dialogue, according to shalloWit founders, but the company is about so much more. It's about fashionable clothing, showing alternative methods of funding, and promoting entrepreneurship among those who may not know how or feel they have the power to start their own business. shalloWit clothing is 50% owned by The Prophetic Entrepreneur, Inc (TPE). TPE is a non-profit corporation set up to teach "Kingdom Entrepreneurship" to those who desire to influence their city through business. TPE wants to help mentor budding entrepreneurs in third world countries, as well as, those in first world countries. Through leadership and successful projects like the Indiegogo campaign, shalloWit and TPE are showing how to transform the economic system from the inside out. That gentle approach of showing, over telling, of presentation over lecturing is the goal of both the clothing company and their Indiegogo campaign.

"Our clothing is designed without overt messages. We want people to be encouraged to ask questions about our clothing. We purposefully do not broadcast 'I am a Christian' on our clothing as to give the wearer of our threads the opportunity to discuss their thoughts with believers of Jesus as well as nonbelievers," says Denny. "The same is true of the Indiegogo campaign. We are encouraging people to support a good idea, not forcing them, not hitting them over the head with our idea, but leading the way." Building from the ground up, stone by stone, brick by brick is how crowdfunding works, and the approach shalloWit takes with everything. The Indiegogo campaign starts on: August 8, 2015.

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