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August 05, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
August 5, 2015 - As we age, it is natural to require a little extra assistance to get through some of life's day-to-day activities. The idea of giving up some of your independence is never easy, however, and many seniors are quick to resist elderly care. Discover ways you can help encourage cooperation with help from the senior care staff at Concordia Lutheran Ministries.

One of the first steps to lessening your loved one's resistance to senior care services is to understand the root of their resistance. Once you understand why those close to you are hesitant towards senior healthcare services, you will be able to come up with new strategies that just may help your loved ones adjust to be more accepting of some extra help.

According to Concordia's caregivers, one of the biggest reasons some people resist senior care is the idea of relinquishing control. Many seniors feel threatened by the idea of senior care, believing that it is a sign of fragility and vulnerability.

Therefore, it is crucial to help your loved ones understand that getting older is a part of life, and eventually we could all use a hand to help us through difficult times. Approach them during a time of relaxation and bring up the topic, expressing your desire to help them make the most of their Golden Years by accepting senior care services.

By making them a part of the planning process, you may find your loved ones feel more at ease as they transition from living 100 percent independently at their own home to utilizing senior care services. If they still resist, perhaps schedule a tour of a local senior living community in your area so they can see first-hand how it may help them make the most of their life.

No matter how impossible it seems, it's important to not give up hope that your loved ones will one day accept the care they need. Remember to always describe care in a positive way to help them associate the things they enjoy most about life with these types of senior health care services.

Getting your aging loved ones to accept the care they need may not always be easy, but with a little extra time you may find it more possible than you thought. Discover new strategies to help you along the way by visiting

If someone in your life could benefit from a little extra assistance, consider how Concordia Lutheran Ministries can help add essential senior healthcare services to their everyday life by visiting

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