Chad Lieberman Teaches "SEO Tips in Choosing a Branded Domain Name"

August 09, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New York, New York. August 9, 2015. "The selection of a domain name is the most important initial step for setting up a search engine optimized site for an online business," Mr. Chad Lieberman began his address to business owners during his recent SEO training seminar. "The domain name, or web address, as it's more commonly known, is the Internet address of a website, which humans can read."

Mr. Lieberman further expounded on the subject by stating that all businesses with an online presence should be very keen, because if the domain name is chosen ineffectively, the business will likely suffer low traffic, poor rankings and even complete obscurity by search engines and lower revenues as a result.

He advised businesses that have well-established and widely known names to choose branded domain names when they decide to take their businesses online. Such businesses, he continued, should however be willing to devote a sizeable chunk of their revenue towards advertising and promoting their brand name in order to increase their reach within niche market segments.

"The brand name is one of the most essential elements that defines a business's identity, and it will make up the foundation on which every other aspect of your branding effort and business website will be built."

The well-known SEO expert went on to explain that a business's brand name is the identity with which everyone else, including customers grows to associate the business with. Therefore, he advised that plenty of consideration should go into the choice of business URL when going online.

"You can carry out word-of-mouth and SERPs dominance marketing, which sheds light on how easy it will be for customers to recall your domain and how often the domain will be brought up when searches for relevant items are entered in search engines," he explained.

Mr. Lieberman further cautioned his listeners against choosing a domain name so difficult that visitors duly impressed with the aesthetics of the site, are hard pressed to recall it from off the top of their heads as they speak to friends and associates.

"You want to have a user-friendly domain name; one that is short and easy to type and recall," he said in conclusion. "This way, you have better chances with word-of-mouth advertising and also it ensures that you can easily fit your details on letterheads, business cards and other places your domain name will be featured."

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