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January 16, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Johannesburg, South Africa, 16 January 2006 - Ask any golf enthusiast where to find golf resources dedicated to the development of a golf player from amateur up to the professional level. Most will give you names of either magazines or websites that tend to cover general news and other events related to golf!

Golf players go through a “metamorphosis” during their golf playing days, starting from the amateur days when the player is trying to master the golf swing and establish a unique style that’s hers/his, to the professional days when the “mental game” and fitness training takes central stage.

Most golf players don’t reach their potential due mainly to the lack of advice concerning golf information products that are pitched at a different skill level to that of the player. The end result is that amateur golf players end up stagnating (playing at the same level of the game for along time). Sometimes learner golfers buy wrong information products – e.g. books/audio/dvds that are too advanced for their skill level. This mostly leads to the high turnover of amateur golf enthusiasts who register themselves at golf clubs/ country clubs/ golf schools and other private golf training institutions.

Golf Player Information Resources, , lists golf training courses like David Nevogt’ “Simple Golf Swing, Mike Pedersen’s “ Golf Fitness Guide”, Dr. Lester Bouchard’s “ Better Golf Solutions and others in between. These are top authors in their fields. Dr. Lester Bouchard, for example, is the former Director of Sport Psychology at the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy. He consults to Olympic and other professional athletes, including basketball players.

Golf players must do everything possible to expose themselves throughout their sporting careers to golf information products that address issues related to their game skill level – it makes the road less traveled to a Major trophy a little less daunting!

David Nevogt’s ebook is suitable for learning golfers while those of Mike Pedersen and Dr. Lester Bouchard are aimed at advanced golfers. The products listed on the Golf Player Info Resources website address basic skill development, fitness training and the psychological aspects of the game. The website also lists a number of golf articles, some written by the authors of the training guides, e.g. Mike Pedersen. Golf news articles from around the world are also published on the website.

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