EMB Partners with Chargeback 911

August 13, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, California For small and large businesses, chargebacks can become a major issue. Chargebacks occur when consumers file disputes with their bank or credit card issuer without informing the merchant. Without any notification of the dispute on file, merchants are left defenseless and unable to avoid the chargeback from happening. EMB and Chargeback911 have recently announced their newly formed partnership to help provide merchants with top of the line chargeback protection services.

EMB is a merchant processor that provides low and high risk businesses with the ability to accept credit card transactions. The merchants that work with EMB now have the ability to protect themselves against chargebacks thanks to the new partnership with Chargeback 911.

Chargeback911 is a well-reputed chargeback mitigation company that uses state of the art technologies to help businesses keep their chargebacks as low as possible. By notifying businesses when disputes are filed and with fraud detection technologies, Chargeback911 makes it easier than ever for business of all types to avoid costly chargebacks.

When a business' chargeback rate gets too high, it deeply damages the credit and reputation of that business. Working with banks becomes nearly impossible and so does getting approved for a line of credit. Ultimately, businesses aim to avoid chargebacks at all costs. However, without any notification of disputes in progress, it becomes quite difficult to achieve. The EMB and Chargeback911 partnership helps make this a problem of the past.

Together, they provide a 2 in 1 service that allows merchant to accept credit card payments and provide better customer service. While managing disputes is excellent for businesses, it's also great for customer satisfaction. Customers who file disputes can receive a faster settlement with better results.

EMB is the #1 high-risk credit card processing company in America. They work with traditional businesses as well as high-risk merchants. A high approval rate allows high-risk merchants to get approved and accept credit card payments. EMB aims to provide chargeback solutions to all low and high risk businesses.

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