Ability Business Outlines the Benefits of the iPad Point of Sale System

August 15, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 15, 2015 - Since the late 1800s, improvements in POS technology have continued to transform the way we do business. In recent years, the rise of the iPad POS system is once again changing how businesses big and small make the sale and add value to their customer interactions. Discover how the iPad POS system can help boost your brand with help from the experts at Ability Business.

In their latest video, Ability Business takes their customers inside the benefits of the latest advancement of POS software to explore how the iPad is improving efficiency, productivity and engagement in the workplace and transforming the shopping experience as a whole.

One of the biggest benefits to having an iPad POS system as opposed to a traditional POS is counter space. With its modern, sleek design, the iPad POS allows you to cut the clutter in the checkout area while simplifying the sale like never before. In fact, iPad POS systems cut transaction times by nearly 14%, allowing you to streamline your services for improved storefront experiences.

While there are several platforms for your iPad POS system, the team at Ability Business recommended the Revel Point of Sale system. Revel goes above and beyond the traditional point of sale system, allowing you to access a world's worth of information and capabilities with just the click of a button.

Best of all, the Revel POS comes tailor-made to meet your specific industry's needs. Custom add-ons and POS solutions make managing your business's front end as easy as can be, and its expanded feature capabilities even extend to your brand's backend.

The Revel POS does much more than making the sale, tracking employee time clocks and schedules, item inventory levels, and up-to-the-minute reporting to help you keep on top of your business and discover new areas of opportunity.

Explore all the various advantages and benefits of upgrading your outdated POS to the Revel Point of Sale system by visiting www.abilitybusiness.com/all-about-the-ipad-point-of-sale-system-video.

Give your business all the tools you need to succeed by working with the experts at Ability Business. Since 1998, Ability Business has provided countless of clients with the services, products and tools they need to build their bottom line and improve workplace efficiency. Discover the boost that Ability Business can provide your brand by visiting www.abilitybusiness.com.

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