Chris Chico Announces New Improved Virtual Wholesaling Course

August 15, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Chris Chico has reported the launch of his completely upgraded online virtual wholesaling site. This course now makes it possible to wholesale houses from anywhere in the US and maybe the world. The new site highlights the best purchases offered in a shining scope of pearls of wisdom. The fine gems that Chris Chico has to offer in his course can take even the most novice investor and have them doing deals in no time. Customers who are interest can visit the website here.

In his website he goes over the process of "virtual wholesaling" in great detail. It provides a structure to build a business on with flowcharts, check lists, sound clips, videos, & classes from others on his forum. Nothing really noteworthy, yet this course provides a structure to work with, and alternatives for marketing campaigns. In the event that this is utilized by a novice.

So… What do you get in the course?
  • Virtual Wholesaling The Virtual Wholesaling Course
  • Chris Chico's Virtual Wholesaling system features 6 training modules that shows you how in a 2 year period he mailed over 500,000 postcards that brought in 116 wholesale deals for a total profit of $1,452,108 Million Dollars.
  • Wholesale locally or across the country from the comfort of your home.
  • Actual marketing pieces that made Cris $1,452,108 Million Dollars.
  • You never deal with rehabs, tenants or chase foreclosures.
  • You never risk any of your own money.
  • You never physically inspect a property.
  • You never meet any buyer or seller face to face.

  • Format: Step by step video tutorials, audio present, a Forum where you can talk to Chris Chico directly and ask any question you want.

    In interested party can take a look at the short video here.

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