Award-Winning Therapist Offers Unique Approach to Help People Address Frustration and Anger

August 17, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
August 17, 2015 - Everyone gets angry sometimes, but if you find that anger and frustration are having a negative effect on your personal relationships, Megan Bartley can help. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Megan brings a tremendous set of skills to her clients, teaching people how to improve relationships, increase happiness, and find freedom from negative emotions.

With over 10 years of experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist, Megan enjoys cultivating a strong connection to her clients. This allows her to help people address emotional frustration, anger issues and resistance to change.

Described by clients as "open-minded," "non-judgmental," "supportive," and "direct," Megan works hard to help every individual, with a unique combination of approaches that includes a type of acupressure sometimes referred to as "tapping" or the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Megan is simple and straightforward in her methodology, and has found this to be especially beneficial with clients dealing with anger, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Talking about the work she does, Megan explains: "I tend to work with a lot of professional men who want to improve their personal relationships. Many are struggling with how to express their emotions in a positive way and to communicate effectively. I enjoy helping them learn new ways to deal with their anger and frustration. This leads to greater happiness and better relationships."

Megan is also an experienced couples' therapist, with a focus on resolving the root of the problem and managing persistent issues that arise in a marriage or partnership. She works towards evaluating both individuals in the relationship, and redirecting the blame. Each partner in the relationship is responsible for their actions, and Megan's direction helps couples communicate about these problems more effectively. Her influence allows couples to focus on the positive aspects of the relationship, while dispelling the negative issues. And this can literally be the difference between a happy relationship and one ending in divorce.

For people interested in learning more about Megan's services, she offers a free 25-minute initial consultation, over the phone, or face-to-face, at one of her two convenient Louisville office locations. She is very hands-on and is aware that therapy is not easy, but that it's important for her clients to be motivated to change. Her impartial, experienced approach to therapy is a great option for people who have never been to therapy before, or for those who previously had a negative experience with therapy.

Megan has enjoyed traveling all over the U.S.-graduating from the University of Washington, establishing a successful therapy practice in Texas and obtaining her master's in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Megan is an award-winning therapist, recognized for her hard work in the community by being named one of the "Top 3 Marriage Counselor in Louisville" from Megan is also approved by the Kentucky Board for Marriage and Family Therapists to supervise post graduates as they work toward licensure.

As part of her practice, Megan enjoys contributing to media outlets. Recently she was quoted in Today's Woman Magazine for an interesting piece on friendship. She is also a Greater Louisville Outstanding Women (GLOW) member. While in Texas she served on the boards of the Texas and Austin Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy, and also taught informal classes at the University of Texas.

When you meet Megan for the first time, her passion for marriage counseling is immediately apparent. She's always learning new techniques and approaches so that she can deliver the highest quality therapeutic guidance. And she gives each individual client the personalized attention they need, increasing their joy, peace and overall contentment.

When she's not in the office, Megan enjoys spending time with her husband of 11 years and their two small children. She also loves traveling the globe, reading books, painting, refinishing furniture and practicing yoga.

If you are struggling with emotional frustration, anger issues, relationship problems or chronic anxiety, there's a solution. Give Megan a call today at 502-213-5940 or schedule an appointment online for your free consultation and more information about how she can help.

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Megan Bartley

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