Renovo Water Challenges LifeStraw to Prove Their Filters Capabilities

August 21, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Salt Lake City, Utah, August 21, 2015 - President Daniel Beck, Renovo Water, challenges LifeStraw to prove that their filter can make urine drinkable. Daniel recently released a video of him drinking his own urine with his new filter to prove its capabilities. He challenged all larger corporations to back up their customers claims or admit their filters aren't as good. Now he singles out LifeStraw and challenges them to take the Toilet Bowl Challenge.

Daniel wrote a letter to the CEO of LifeStraw this morning calling him out on allowing his consumers to make such outlandish claims about the LifeStraw. Watch a Video of Daniel Using His Filter to Drink Urine and Challenging Larger Corporations to Do the Same:

Daniel was tired of seeing people post videos showing them use the LifeStraw to filter out ridiculous things such as urine, vomit and feces. Even more irritating was seeing that the CEO of LifeStraw wasn't doing anything to stop or prove those claims.

"The LifeStraw can only remove bacteria and protozoa, it is not able to remove all the chemicals that can be found in such waste." Said Daniel Beck, President, Renovo Water. "These chemicals can make consumers ill and I feel it is irresponsible for LifeStraw to allow their consumers to believe that their filter will keep them safe."

Read the Open Letter Daniel Wrote to the CEO of Lifestraw:

"I've purchased, sold and used the LifeStraw and I know that it cannot live up to the claims that their consumers are led to believe." said Daniel Beck, President, Renovo Water. "I've developed a filter that can do everything the LifeStraw can do and so much more; and I actually did something to prove it."

Daniel is the President of a very small business, Renovo Water, where he has instilled in his employees the importance of making a quality product. His most recent product is the Oasis, the worlds first modular filtration system. The reason he created the Oasis was so the market would finally have a quality filter that can live up to its claims.

After launching the Toilet Bowl Challenge and proving the power of the Oasis; Daniel now directly calls out the CEO of LifeStraw.

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The guys at Renovo Water have the simple goal of improving the way everyone experiences water. Water is life. Their experiences and research lead to the development of the Renovo Trio, their first to market product that paved the way for the Oasis, their newest filter system.

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