How to Promote Desktop App by In-App Advertising?

August 27, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
August 27, 2015 - In app advertising involves an arrangement where the app developer enter into a financial agreement with an ad network firm, so that the ad network remunerates the developer to have the ad network's code incorporated into the developer's app. This allows the ad network to be able to send ads to the users of the app.

In the same way, in app advertising can be used for desktop app promotion, as well as advertising other apps. Developers can incorporate into their desktop app adverts from ad network firms. The advert will be seen by the desktop app users anywhere in the world. The advert will pop up either periodically or run somewhere in a corner of the desktop screen as the users open or use desktop app. A good examples could be antivirus apps, reading and editing software, games, different browsing software etc.

In app advertising use three methods to promote desktop app. The first approach incorporating an ad network advert or message into the desktop app. An advert message can be encoded into a desktop game app or any other desktop app. Different researches has shown that people prefer apps that they can freely download. So make your desktop app free for download only for few basic features and for other important features, the users can pay to have them. Also, you can add security feature that will make a subscriber not to be able to use a free trial offer in their desktop for more than once. This will encourage them to buy the app after the trial period has expired and encourage ad network firms to promote their businesses in your desktop app upgrades.

Another in app advertising approach for promoting desktop app is bribery. This is asking subscribers to a desktop app to sit through an advert they see in a desktop app, click on a button in the app for an exchange for virtual or physical reward. The reward will make the desktop app users to use the app more and also be rewarded. This approach of enticing desktop app users is actually to make ensure that the advert from ad network are seen and comprehended.

Yet another method of using in app advertising to promote desktop app is to make better adverts. The better your advert on a desktop app the more attractive and enticing it will be to drawing subscribers' attention. It is not just enough for there to be an advert incorporated into an app for promotional purpose, the advert must be engaging, attracting and captivating to make the customer want to sit through it.

It is important there is a sync between the desktop app and the advert to be incorporated into it. There are advert that will sync better in a desktop game app than on a reading or editing app and so forth.

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