Pumpkin Season is Starting and For Some It Will Stay For Good With the Launch of The Pumpkin Batch

September 02, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
September 2, 2015 - Just in time for the unofficial start to pumpkin season, a new company named The Pumpkin Batch has launched in Pennsylvania to cater nationwide to lovers of all things pumpkin.

This woman-owned online business markets monthly subscriptions and gift boxes curated with unique and hard to find pumpkin and pumpkin spice products for lovers of these flavors. With a website located at www.thepumpkinbatch.com and social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, Google+, YouTube, and Tumbr, the company is the latest to enter the subscription box marketplace.

Monthly shipments of The Pumpkin Batch include everything from pumpkin coffees to pumpkin muffins, pumpkin candles to pumpkin sugar scrubs, as well as coffee mugs and ornaments emblazoned with pumpkin. The real advantage to subscribing is the promise The Pumpkin Batch makes to deliver fresh, high quality products to subscribers all year long, months after the unofficial pumpkin season has ended and months before the next one begins again.

When founder and owner Serena Fedor came up with the concept of The Pumpkin Batch, it was about discovering a way to merge a few of her passions: customized gifts, owning her own business, digital marketing and e-Commerce, and pumpkin.

A successful professional in digital marketing over the past 15 years, Serena Fedor says she set out on this whirlwind journey to start her own business just a few months ago. The concept was so well-received she took extra steps to launch the company in time for the unofficial start of the 2015 all-pumpkin-everything season this September.

"For once I am making people say something I found myself saying time after time 'why didn't I think of that? and it feels amazing,'" says Serena Fedor, the founder and owner of The Pumpkin Batch LLC. "In fact many times, I have watched ideas or concepts make their way to the marketplace only to be kicking myself about why I didn't take the risk to do it myself. This time I am not letting a great idea pass me by."

That great idea is part of a rising Internet and e-Commerce trend that has revived the mail-order, box of the month club business model once popular when subscriptions were made by mail not online purchase.

Today, the Internet is ablaze with scrappy startups like Owl Crate and subscription box powerhouses such as Birchbox, both featured last month in The New York Times feature on the rapidly growing online subscription business model.

The Pumpkin Batch stands ready to capitalize on a few key trends in the market:

  • In 2013, sales of pumpkin spice-flavored products rose 14% to nearly $350 million in U.S. retail outlets tracked by Nielsen. Seventy-percent of those sales occur between September and November.
  • Sales of pumpkin-flavored beers have grown by more than 1,500 percent in the past 10 years, according to estimates by Nielsen market research. In 2013, Americans spent more than $15 million on pumpkin-flavored beers.
  • US online retail sales are projected to increase by 57% by 2018, topping more than $414 billion annually.

  • Anecdotally, Fedor has found story after story on websites, blogs, social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook of people who storing away pumpkin goodies to enjoy the flavors all year round. She also discovered thousands of pumpkin recipes being shared among pumpkin fans January July (the unofficial time when pumpkin is currently considered out of season). This further encouraged Serena to pursue her idea of a service that provided delicious pumpkin confections, bakery items, and pumpkin themed gifts year round via shipment to her customers.

    Serena says, "We intend to be both a curator and connector. We want to provide our customers with top of the line, amazing products each month that we test and personal recommend as great. But we also want to provide our customers with the information on where they can go to get their favorites items directly."

    For The Pumpkin Batch it's about creating a growing community of pumpkin lovers ready to share their passion for pumpkin year round.

    About The Pumpkin Batch
    The Pumpkin Batch went live for orders on Thursday, August 20, 2015. It plans to sell limited subscriptions to the first box until Friday, September 11. The first batch of pumpkin goodies will ship to subscribers shortly after September 20. Once the first batch ships, the store will open for October box shipments as well as limited sales of some of the items featured in the September box.

    For more information products, how the subscriptions work, and how to buy, visit www.ThePumpkinBatch.com.

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