How to Find Safe Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: Why

September 04, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
September 4, 2015 - Medical tourism in Mexico is an industry driving tens of millions of dollars per year. Individuals from the United States, Canada, and around the world come to Mexico to save big on quality healthcare and medical procedures.

One particular area that is thriving is bariatric surgery, otherwise known as weight loss surgery. Individuals from the U.S. and Canada wanting to lose weight or rid themselves from obesity travel to Mexico, especially Tijuana, Baja California - where clinics are just a few miles from the border.

With new clinics and businesses opening operations every month, it's not easy to distinguish quality operations from the unqualified. With recent news of poor results for bariatric surgeons in Mexico, finding a quality company in Mexico has never been more important.

Principles for Safe and Effective Bariatric Surgery in Mexico
Below are various criteria and tips used to become a success story for weight loss surgery in Mexico.

  • Even though you're going to Mexico for bariatric surgery, try to go with a U.S. based company. With not many legal recourses internationally, going with a U.S­. based company will give you more options. Also, U.S. based companies are typically more concerned with their image and patient outcomes. Corporations based in the U.S. also have more structure and obligations to their local and federal governments, meaning there is more reporting and transparency.
  • Research companies with experience and certification in bariatric medical tourism and knowledgeable staff. Look for companies who are certified by the Medical Tourism Association, the largest medical tourism organization in the world.
  • Study companies that are transparent, manage a Facebook support group, and have a good track record. Compare this with their press releases to see how they're doing publicly. Do they release a lot of news, or have they never submitted anything before?
  • Find centers with high-­volume surgeons, but a limited number of surgeries per day / week / month. Compare this with extreme high­-volume surgeons who perform a ton of surgeries per day, without thought to the potential mishaps that could occur.
  • Find centers that use specialized bariatric hospitals with high ­standards of patient care. Also, check for local certification of hospitals in Mexico.
  • Go with a bariatric center that is focused on aftercare support. There are companies, like Mexico Bariatric Center, that offer post­-op care for the life of the patient. Other companies will advertise aftercare, but are absent when you try to reach them.
  • Not all centers in Mexico are the same; Tijuana is generally believed to be the best as they typically have the lowest cost compared with Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Monterrey. Tijuana, as a whole, performs surgeries at a high ­volume. This is a criterion to look after, as it leads to higher patient outcomes.
  • Look for a company offering webinars and seminars which can educate patients on many different topics, including post-­operative diet and exercise, healthy habits, smart choices, and more.

  • What Makes Mexico Bariatric Center Different
    Mexico Bariatric Center is a medical tourism firm helping to elevate the medical tourism industry. Our focus and where we strive is patient success and outcomes. We've even authored research pieces on them.

  • We pride ourself in safe bariatric surgery: high patient outcomes, with a dedicated Surgeon Liaison and Registered Dietitian on Staff.
  • Dedicated to Aftercare Support with Registered Dietitians on Staff.
  • BBB and Medical Tourism Association Certified.
  • Focus on Patient Outreach

  • We focus on patient outcomes and post-­op care, while striving to maintain our affordable bariatric packages. We've recently authored original research in the fields of bariatric surgery and medical tourism.

  • Mexico Bariatric Center is dedicated to original research in the fields of weight loss surgery and medical tourism. Our recent findings have been published, explaining the best eight principles for surgery which lead to higher patient outcomes.
  • An upcoming report will look at the expected results from various weight loss surgeries, including revisional surgeries.

  • About Mexico Bariatric Center
    Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC) is U.S. ­based corporation with a weight loss surgery center in Tijuana, Mexico. MBC offers quality bariatric and metabolic procedures in affordable packages. Our center handles hundreds of patients per year while helping them achieve their weight loss goals. Mexico Bariatric Center can help perform various laparoscopic weight loss surgeries including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, gastric banding, revisional surgery and more.

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