2005 DOPIP Global Counterfeit & Piracy Report: Document, Product and Intellectual Property

January 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Calgary, Canada — Based on worldwide counterfeit enforcement activity (investigations, raids, seizures, arrests, charges, convictions, sentences, civil litigation) for 2005, as reported through the DOPIP Security Counterfeit Intelligence Report, more than 3,703 incidents valued at $3,256,603,906,265 (US Dollars) were analyzed from 133 countries.

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The top 25 (of 632) brands counterfeited representing 43.95% of IP theft incidents:

1. Microsoft, 4.92% of IP Theft incidents.
2. Louis Vuitton, 4.86%.
3. Nike, 4.43%.
4. Gucci, 2.95%.
5. Adidas, 2.89%. (… more details in full report)

The top brands counterfeited in each classification:

Marlboro - Cigarette & Tobacco Products
Louis Vuitton - Clothing & Accessories
Canon - Computer Equipment & Supplies
Viagra - Drugs & Medical
Nokia - Electronic Equipment & Supplies
Microsoft - Entertainment & Software
Pepsi - Food & Alcohol
Underwriters Laboratories - Industrial Goods & Supplies
Rolex - Jewelry & Watches
Bodum - Other Goods
Johnson & Johnson - Perfume & Cosmetics
Titleist - Toys & Sports Equipment

The top 20 (of 79) countries reporting intellectual property violations:

1. USA, 402 incidents, $289 Million seizures and losses.
2. UK, 240 incidents, $516 Million.
3. India, 185 incidents, $6.9 Million.
4. Malaysia, 71 incidents, $13 Million.
5. Philippines, 54 incidents, $18 Million. (… more details in full report)

The top 20 (of 133) countries reporting all forms of counterfeiting and pirate activity (documents, identification and intellectual property):

1. USA, 1,534 incidents, $1.29 Billion seizures and losses.
2. India, 462 incidents, $20 Million.
3. UK, 335 incidents, $534 Million.
4. Malaysia, 130 incidents, $13 Million.
5. Canada, 108 incidents, $89 Million. (… more details in full report)

The top 10 countries in detail:

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The most popular items to counterfeit:

1. Financial Instruments, 1,435 incidents worth $3.254 Trillion.
2. Entertainment & Software, 706 incidents worth $695 Million.
3. Identification, 521 incidents worth $124 Million.
4. Clothing & Accessories, 306 incidents worth $283 Million.
5. Other Documents & Packaging, 262 incidents worth $12 Million.
(… more details in full report)

The top 25 (of 778) items counterfeited representing 74.22% of incidents:

1. Currency, 18.7% of items counterfeited.
2. Films, 11.1%.
3. Music, 7.07%.
4. Checks, 6.37%.
5. Medicines, 4.21%. (… more details in full report)

The top items to counterfeit in each classification:

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The type of counterfeiters investigated by enforcement officials:

Retailers, 24.5% of incidents.
Street Vendors, 21.1%.
Home Businesses, 18.1%.
Manufacturers, 16.0%.
Internet (chat, P2P, auction, retail), 11.3%.
Wholesalers, 3.5%.
Transportation & Warehousing, 3.4%.
Other, 1.9%.

The top 4 countries traced to counterfeit distribution and manufacturing sources:

1. China, named in 65.2% of the investigations, 167 incidents, $178 Million in seizures and losses. (… more details in full report)

The geographic regions traced to counterfeit distribution and manufacturing sources:

1. Asia, named in 80.1% of the investigations, 205 incidents, $198 Million in seizures and losses.
2. Europe, 7.8%, 20 incidents, $224 Million.
3. North America, 3.9%, 10 incidents, $1.2 Million. (… more details in full report)

The most frequently found counterfeiting equipment during enforcement raids:

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The top 10 other crimes linked to counterfeiters:

1. Fraud, 29.4% of incidents.
2. Theft, 16.4% of incidents.
3. Drug possession & trafficking, 14.5% of incidents. (… more details in full report)

The top other crimes linked to counterfeiters by classification:

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The top 10 countries where political statements are made regarding counterfeiting, piracy and intellectual property theft:

1. USA, 135 political statements.
2. China, 66 political statements.
3. India, 42 political statements. (… more details in full report)

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