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February 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
German company announced today the release of Axandra's Marketing ROI Optimizer (AxROI), a new tool that aims to provide a more confidential and secure alternative to Google Analytics.

German company released today Axandra's Marketing ROI Optimizer (AxROI), a web application that aims to provide a more confidential and more secure alternative to Google Analytics.

Tracking the return-on-investment of online ads is very important for webmasters who want to be successful with their Internet Businesses. For that reason, Google released Google Analytics in November 2005. While receiving a lot of publicity for its new service, major flaws went virtually unnoticed.

"It's not wise to reveal your complete revenue information to a company that also wants your advertising dollars", said Axandra CEO Johannes Selbach. "That's exactly what people do when they use Google Analytics. They tell Google what they sell, how much they sell, when they sell and exactly how much money they make. The confidential information Google gets about the companies who use Google Analytics more than pays Google for the service that Google markets as free."

It is important that businesses keep their traffic and revenue information confidential if they want to remain independent from third parties. That is why Axandra developed AxROI.

AxROI tracks the return-on-investment of all online ads, including pay per click ads on Google AdWords and Overture/Yahoo, banner ads, text link ads and all other ads with a link. Businesses can easily find out which ads convert to sales, what exactly people buy after clicking on an ad, how long people need to buy after clicking on an ad, how much money they make with an ad and more.

In addition, AxROI automatically tracks the effectiveness of natural search engine listings. Finally, businesses learn if their search engine listings for certain search terms convert to sales.

In contrast to Google Analytics and other online services, AxROI runs on the server of the user. That means that no confidential information is sent to a third party. Only the webmaster can access the confidential information and no third party has access to it.

Another advantage of AxROI is that it does not use third party cookies (as Google Analytics and other online services do). Many web browsers automatically delete third party cookies for privacy reasons. For this reason, AxROI promises to be not only more secure than other ROI tracking solutions but more accurate as well.

Axandra offers AxROI with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee so that interested businesses can test the software risk-free:

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