GreenRope and Evernote Sync Up To Boost Your Productivity

September 15, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Diego September 15, 2015 GreenRope, a leading CRM and marketing automation platform, announced the launch of their new integration with Evernote, the widely used business productivity application.

What do you get when you link two productivity enhancing apps? Even more productivity, more efficiency, and less confusion . GreenRope's new integration with Evernote allows users to quickly sync up their Evernote contacts and notes with GreenRope. No more time sucking exports and imports. Contacts that you scan into your Evernote account, along with any notes associated with those contacts will be automatically pushed to GreenRope, so no leads slip through the cracks.

"Evernote is such a great app, and we have tons of clients using it," explains Marketing Director, Alessandra Ceresa. "We want our users to be as productive and efficient as possible, and this integration helps them save time, keep track of their contacts, automate their follow ups, and nurture strategies as well."

The GreenRope- Evernote Integration features:
  • Auto sync of contacts you scan or add into Evernote
  • Automated actions once your Evernote contacts are fed into GreenRope
  • Notes in Evernote are transferred over to corresponding contacts in GreenRope

  • You can transfer data from Evernote into GreenRope automatically or manually. With Evernote's premium subscription, you will also be able to scan business card contact information and import it into a group in your CRM. Talk about easy! This tool is extremely useful for networking and keeping up with your offline opportunities! Once a contact is added to the system, you can trigger any sort of automation you have set up for that particular group, such as workflows, drip campaigns, SMS messages, and sales follow ups.

    The GreenRope App is live in the Evernote App Center. Learn more.

    About GreenRope
    Lars Helgeson, who saw the need to make running a small to mid-sized business easier and more efficient, founded GreenRope. GreenRope's mission is to resolve the challenges of managing business operations by providing cloud-based integrated software that is effective, affordable, and user friendly. GreenRope streamlines key operations, including e-commerce and accounting, CRM, email marketing, mobile marketing, calendaring, websites, social media and more, into one easy-to-use platform. By using GreenRope, companies can reduce their marketing and CRM software expenses by an estimated 80%. GreenRope's affordable pricing plans start as low as $149/month. Visit for more information.

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