Discover the Effects a Good Mentor Can Have on Your Son's Life with Help from Grand River Academy

September 17, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
September 17, 2015 - Growing up can be difficult for anyone, especially for teenage boys. Discover the difference a good mentor can make in the growth and development of your son with some help from Grand River Academy.

Mentors provide boys with the one-on-one relationship they need to help them grow into successful young men and recognize their full potential. While fathers, grandfathers and family friends can all help teach a boy how to grow into a man, their messages can often go unheard.

One sure way to give your son the support he needs during these critical developmental years is by enrolling them in an all-boys boarding or private day school. Being surrounded by an academic environment that focuses on both encouraging and empowering a boy to succeed can help them develop life's most essential skills that will help them be successful in everything they do.

Above all else, mentors provide growing boys with someone they can rely and count on to be there through all of life's ups and downs. While many boys may not be comfortable sharing their struggles with a parent, a mentor is someone they can trust and turn to when facing some of the difficult decisions we all encounter while growing up. Instead of facing these choices on their own, a mentor provides a boy with guidance while helping to steer them in the right direction, learn from their mistakes and handle their newfound freedoms.

One of the biggest reasons that boys struggle or drop out of school is due to a lack of engagement between them and the teachers and personnel at the school. Thanks to smaller class sizes, boarding school teachers become much more than that in the lives of their students. Many boarding schools actually encourage their teachers and staff to get involved in the lives of their students, providing boys with a positive role model to look towards in times of need.

Having an educational role model on their side, young boys are much more likely to get involved both in and outside the classroom. Boarding school teachers can help boys recognize their true academic potential, giving them the confidence they need to succeed as they grow into young men.

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