Voyabook.com announces the arrival of its new OTA platform

September 19, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
September 19, 2015 - Dubai, UAE www.voyabook.com, a leading OTA services provider has announced the arrival of its new OTA platform. The newly designed and developed platform is expected to help travelers from across the globe to search and book their travel in an affordable and convenient way. The platform also helps the users to earn extra benefits by spreading the word about Voyabook.com on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

"We have been constantly trying to improve our services and the recently arrived Voyabook.com website will help travelers from all across the globe to find travel deals online and even book them instantly. We have made sure to provide the best possible deals across Flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation rentals, activities and more. More deals will be rolled out soon," said Themos Papalas, COO, Voyabook.com.

"We request all our users to spread about us and our services. Doing this will help us cut costs on our marketing campaigns. We intend to pass on the benefits of cost cutting to our users that help us spread about us. Currently, they can post their messages across social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Upon registering on our site through their social networks, we provide them with a link that they can use while posting their messages. Once the person referred joins us and uses our travel deals, both you and the referred person stand to receive $20 promo cash bonus and travel credits that can be used during next trip," he further said.

The company claims to have at least 300,000 hotels in its list and several thousands of deals across rental cars, vacation rentals, activities and more. The "Book-Share-Earn" concept that Voyabook.com believes in is expected to saves thousands of dollars in cost for it, the amount that would have otherwise been spent on marketing campaigns.

"Getting started with Voyabook.com is easy. All you need to do is register on the website with your social network details. Thereafter, you will be able to access thousands of travel deals and other related services. You will then have an option to compare different deals and choose based on your needs and budget. As a last step, you can post about your travel deals on social networking sites and help others know about us and our deals. Voyabook.com shall reward you with travel credits and promo cash deals each time a referred user chooses to use our deals. It is that simple," said Themos Papalas.

That is not all Voyabook.com promises to give to its users. The company has a "Voyabook Agents Program" on Voyabook.com through which you stand to make hundreds or thousands of dollars each day, with the help of only a few clicks! The training videos that are available on the website, help users to understand about this program and to go about it in the perfect way. The company also promises to send clever strategies and tips to its users regularly; in an attempt to help increase their profits upon using their site. There is absolutely no need to have technical skills, websites, personal selling or direct sales.

About Voyabook.com
Voyabook.com is an online travel services and products provider, based in Dubai, UAE. Thousands of online travel deals that can save up to several hundreds of dollars can be accessed through Voyabook.com's OTA platform. The deals are currently available across Flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation rentals, activities and more. The travel experts at Voyabook.com promise each of the platform users to provide memorable and affordable travel deals across the globe. To understand how the newly developed OTA platform from Voyabook.com can help you please visit http://www.voyabook.com

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