Local Medical Clinic Becomes Only 5th Michigan Clinic to Utilize Revolutionary Therapy

October 01, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
October 1, 2015 - Grand Blanc, MI - Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI), also known as BioPhotonic Therapy, gives hope for those who have not found relief. BioPhotonic Therapy is not new. Since the late 1920s, UVBI is a proven medical procedure that kills bacteria and viruses, assists the immune system, and rejuvenates blood properties. With over 140 published medical studies, UVBI is not experimental. In fact, it is FDA approved for treating T-cell lymphoma involving the skin. Now, the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center in Grand Blanc is offering this procedure, becoming only the 5th clinic in Michigan to do so.

"UVBI is a great option for patients who have been battling chronic diseases and have become resistant to other treatments. With the published research already out there, it is a great evidence-based procedure that provides us with an additional weapon against such issues as Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders, Raynaud's disease, candida, and shingles. We are definitely excited to see the results this therapy can provide our patients," says Dr. Megan Strauchman, medical director of the Center.

According to Dr. Strauchman, depending upon the disease being treated, the number of treatments can vary between 3-10 treatments. Some people may require quarterly or yearly maintenance treatments to maintain their benefits in instances of more serious or chronic diseases. Although most insurances do not cover BioPhotonic Therapy, the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center offers easy payment plans for those needing the therapy with existing financial difficulties.

For more information on BioPhotonic Therapy, call the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center at 810.694.3576 email them at info@nwprc.com, or visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/nwprc.

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