Tangible launches Kickstarter campaign for Arpeggio, a new way to make melodies

October 04, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Los Angeles, CA - October 4, 2015 - Tangible Instruments LLC (www.tangibleinstruments.com), a company devoted to creating inspiring and easy to use musical instruments, launches a Kickstarter campaign today (http://kck.st/1MWWq4n) for Arpeggio, a new musical instrument. Arpeggio is a hybrid sequencer / arpeggiator / synthesizer focused on intuitive improvisation and instant composition with room for saving hundreds of melodic creations on the fly.

Arpeggio enables musicians to easily create and perform melodies while tempo-synced to other electronic instruments and musicians, without the need for a computer. It features a twelve-note, one-octave keyboard and controls to adjust note length, gate, octave, and tempo. Melodic sequences and synth timbres are fully tweakable. Once a melody is created, it can be saved into one of 512 memory banks and also chained together with other sequences to create more complex melodies. Arpeggio has a built-in speaker and can run on battery power which allows it to be self-contained and portable.

Tangible takes a holistic approach to instrument design that combines intelligent software, focused UI, and clean product design all in service of musical exploration. Tangible Instruments aims to give musicians the freedom to explore the same old musical elements in new yet intuitively familiar ways.

"We understand that having a feature that someone can intuitively use is more important than having two they can't. Musicians care about inspirational design and ease of use. Instruments with inspired design inspire better music. Everyone else is designing electronic instruments for electronic musi- cians; their thought process doesn't include people who aren't yet electronic musicians. At our earliest design stages we ask how do we design an instrument not only for professionals to use but also for drawing future electronic musicians in? How do we make something that feels inviting and inclusive? No one else seems to be asking," explained Product Designer & Co-Founder Charlie Lesoine.

Arpeggio's modern design and ease of use would make it an ideal first instrument for beginners or children interested in electronic music. For more advanced users, Arpeggio can be used as a sequenc- er to control other synthesizers and sound modules. It can be synced to drum machines or external clock sources for integration into live performances and recording sessions. Additionally, any full sized MIDI keyboard can be connected to Arpeggio for immediate input of full chords.

"While Arpeggio is focused on melodies, our aim with Arpeggio is multifaceted. We wanted to create an instrument that really feels satisfying to experienced musicians and professionals. We want deep and nuanced control over our music and integration with other instruments. But we also wanted the product design to feel inviting to beginners and new musicians, to evoke imagery of a toy or a video game controller, while at the same time giving the user a new way to create melodies and to express themselves. With intelligent software and an intuitive user interface we see Arpeggio as laying the groundwork for the kind of musical instruments that Tangible will create in the future," added Lesoine.

Go to http://kck.st/1MWWq4n to see the Arpeggio Kickstarter campaign. To learn more about Arpeggio and see a detailed features list, visit (www.tangibleinstruments.com). You can follow Tangible on Twitter @tangibleco, and on FB at facebook.com/tangiblecompany

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