Keeping Vigil - Menno Place Chaplain, Ingrid Schultz Interviewed on Death Matters Live Radio Show

October 05, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
October 5, 2015 - Ingrid Schultz, Chaplain at Menno Place (Menno Home, Menno Hospital and The Apartments) agreed to share her expertise, thoughts, perspective and heart with the listening audience of Death Matters Live Radio Show. DML is a weekly radio show that brings the matters of death to life and focuses on death, dying and loss.

Concerned that there wasn't enough opportunity to talk about death and dying in our culture, the show was the brainchild of Jeffrey Young, Celebrant. He invited four other hosts to join him on the show which has an interview format. This was the beginning of a dynamic radio show that tackles the topic of death, dying and loss with candor, humor, grace and hope.

Sharon Simpson, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement at Menno Place is one of the five hosts of the weekly radio show. Although she has never been in a recording studio nor hosted a radio show, she jumped at the opportunity.

"It was exciting to think that I could be a part of the conversation about death and dying. At Menno Place, we know what it is to support residents and families in their final days. We know what is required to support our residents who are experiencing the kinds of existential suffering that can come at end of life."

On the first show as lead host, Sharon couldn't think of a better initial guest than Ingrid Schultz, Chaplain at Menno Place. "Ingrid's capacity to walk along side of others while
they are jouneying at the end of life has inspired me to want to do the same", said Sharon, "I wanted her to share her thoughts with the listening audience."

"I had recently lost a good friend to cancer and spent time at his bedside in Hospice. I wanted to share the experience and the value of support in the final days, hours and minutes of a life. Ingrid and I have talked about "keeping vigil" and I appreciated her insight and experience," said Sharon.

Ingrid brings an empathetic and gracious spirit to the topic of "Keeping Vigil", understanding that some people are unable, some people are conflicted and some of those who are dying are not eager to have family and friends see them in the final stage.

Ingrid shares with compassion how we can find our way in the time of vigil. A Mennonite pastor and devout Anabaptist, Ingrid has spent her life in the work of reconciling people to themselves, to God, to others and to their enemies. She quotes the celtic Christians who say that there can be "thin time" when people are very close to the spiritual world - a time when the presence of God is very real.

Keeping vigil can be one of these times, although some people may not be able to participate. There are fears around keeping vigil. Ingrid suggested a short visit or a short phone conversation - finding ways to give the dying space in the midst of fears and hurts.

"Often, it is the depth of love that makes it hard for the loved ones to sit in "keeping vigil", she says.

I believe that "God sends a whole circle - a community. Just like at birth, there's a community of love around that person who share in that journey," says Ingrid.

With her gentle voice, contemplative thoughtfulness, mindfulness of others, gracious spirit and deep connection with God, Ingrid Schultz brings hope and even joy to the topic of "Keeping Vigil".

To listen to the complete interview, click here.

Ingrid Schultz is Chaplain at Menno Place: Menno Home, Menno Hospital and The Apartments

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