Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® Now Offering Free Shipping

October 08, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 18, 2105 - Monarch Green, Inc® announced today that it will be offering free shipping on orders placed through the newly launched Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® web site for a limited time. The new pool cleaning product is the answer to the challenge of trying to rapidly, efficiently, and cost-effectively remove unhealthy body oil, hair oil, sun screen and tanning oil and enjoy pristine pool & spa water without relying on potentially harmful chemicals or enzymes.

This new U.S.-patented pool cleaning technology comes from the oil absorbent professionals at Oilinator® and Monarch Green, Inc®. They have adapted the recycled sorbent materials they use in cleaning up major industrial oil spills to a convenient, ultra-high capacity product for home and commercial pool use. Users simply tether the Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® by its "tail," using the enclosed twist-tie, to the bottom of the pool skimmer basket or anywhere else so it floats at the surface. Then sit back and relax while the mouse instantly begins the dirty work of trapping and absorbing body oil, hair oil, and tanning oil from the pool and spa water that is coursing through the cleaning and circulation system, leaving the swimming water sparkling clean and fresh.

The Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® helps pool maintenance professionals and homeowners save hundreds of dollars each month by reducing the amount of harmful enzymes and chemicals which are normally used to solve this problem. The product also helps to extend filter life and greatly extend service intervals because of the consistent job it does at keeping grease, scum and oil out of the filter itself. Pool owners can now keep their pool and spa sparkling clean with no hassle in an environmentally-friendly and money-saving way.

"I have known many home and commercial pools owners who are frustrated by constantly trying to skim oil off the surface of their pool water with very limited results," commented Monarch Green's chairman, CEO, and co-founder, Thomas R. Rossi. "The Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® eliminates that work because it traps and absorbs oil and grease like magic. The Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® effortlessly and quickly eliminates unhealthy sun tan oil, sunscreen, scum, body and hair oil sheen without the use of harmful chemicals."

The pool and spa cleaning mouse is made of 100% recycled eco-friendly sorbent designed to absorb pool oils and leave pool water sparkling clean. The patented technology makes hassle-free pool water maintenance a reality without the use of harmful chemicals.

About Pool & Spa Saver Mouse®: The Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® is an important addition to any pool cleaning system. Designed to effortlessly help keep a pool clean, the product is based on Monarch Green's specialized knowledge of oil spill containment and absorption. Visit the website at http://PoolandSpaSaverMouse.com to order this latest advancement in swimming pool cleaning or find a local distributor near you. Call 877-500-SPILL (7745) to become a distributor.

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