Let FASSTTAC Help Bring Your Construction Site Management Into the 21st Century

October 16, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 16, 2015 - Today, construction site collaboration has become all but imperative to your project's success. Make sure to eliminate all the obstacles on your way to keeping every member of your team on the same page with help from FASTTAC.

FASTTAC's easy-to-use construction documentation software helps streamline communication for all members of your team, no matter if they're across town at HQ or across the country. Rather than keeping important documents and project details in hard-copy format or in hard to navigate server solutions, FASTTAC's construction management apps and software make accessing these key documents and collaborating on them easier than ever.

Having all of your organization's documents, drawings and markups electronically available to the entire team ensures everyone stays on the same page while minimizing delays and mistakes on the job. Real-time updates allow your team to easily markup, access and share critical construction information and documentation all at the push of a button whether they're out in the field or in the office.

A good document management system provides the user with enhanced controls and management features that make collaboration and efficiency a breeze. From up-to-the-minute markups and version controls to rollback features and audit trails, state-of-the-art document management software is truly changing the way construction crews and companies access their content.

This strategy allows for maximum collaboration among team members, which in turn promotes productivity and allows for the project goal to be achieved much faster, since multiple users are working in unison for the advancement of the project. Perhaps best of all, with an electronic drawing markup system, the entire library of any company's construction drawings can be taken right to a job site, owner's offices or designer's offices for consultation and reference. For efficiency and accuracy, this is a quantum leap for construction applications.

Learn more about all the ways that construction documentation software and enhanced project management can keep your team on the same page by visiting http://www.fasttac.com/offers/.

If you're still using hard-copies and paper documents or FTP sites and Cloud Storage on the job, bring your organization into the 21st century and discover how construction project and documentation management software can transform your business by working with FASTTAC. Request a live demo of their state-of-the-art construction management software by visiting www.fasttac.com.

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