New Non-Profit to Help Children With Cerebral Palsy Get Alternative Medical Treatments

October 19, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 19, 2015 - Grand Blanc, MI Cerebral palsy is an often devastating physical movement disorder, affecting 8,000-10,000 babies per year. It is caused by a lack of oxygen during the birth process most commonly, resulting in hypoxic brain injuries. Currently, over a quarter of a million people in the US suffer from cerebral palsy, commonly referred to as CP. Cerebral palsy results in a wide variety of symptoms depending upon where the brain lesions occur. Most conventional treatments only focus on the pain caused by CP, or to optimize mobility for CP patients. Now, a new non-profit here in Michigan is seeking to change that.

Ireland's Dream is a foundation started by local physician Dr. Megan Strauchman, in honor of her daughter. According to Dr. Strauchman, "Conventional cerebral palsy treatments only focus on the effects of cerebral palsy, rather than trying to reverse the damage originally causing the cerebral palsy. Current treatments include using assistive devices for mobility, pain management, speech therapy, and other quality of life improvements."

Alternative medicine offers a number of therapies widely touted by parents of children with cerebral palsy, and a large amount of anecdotal evidence suggests that these therapies may aid in the repair of the original brain injuries. Critics say that there are not enough clinical trials that have fully evaluated this. According to Dr. Strauchman, however, the results can be dramatic. She has witnessed the power of these therapies firsthand. "Being a physician, I have had the ability to search the world over to find therapies to help my daughter. Most people do not have the ability to do this, especially when nearly all of these therapies are paid out-of-pocket. Therapies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Cuevas Medek physiotherapy, ScoliSMART treatment, and specific nutrient repletion, have done amazing things for not only my daughter, but many other children with cerebral palsy." The goal of Ireland's Dream is to open a medical center in the Grand Blanc area where all of these therapies and more can be found under one roof, including various other alternative therapies, as well as other needed services like family counseling, social work, medical equipment supplies, and even insurance specialists. Most importantly, these services would not cost patients any out-of-pocket fees. "We are currently fundraising in order to secure a building in which to offer all of these revolutionary therapies, and train therapists around the state and country to perform these therapies locally," says Strauchman. "A family's financial situation is not within a child's control, and all children with cerebral palsy deserve the chance to experience these therapies," she adds.

This is certainly a big dream, and a desperately needed service. Ireland's Dream is seeking any and all donor support, fundraising help, and networking opportunities to help reach its goal. For more information on Ireland's Dream, visit their Facebook page at, or call Dr. Strauchman at 810-694-3576 for more information on how you can be part of something big.

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