Sensor Controlled Bottled Fresh Air a Reality 2006

January 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Billions have been spent on awareness of harmful effects from breathing polluted air? Nothing in actual protects us. Here is the device which can provide fresh air when required. Air pollution is the biggest killer of humankind is a recent statement of WHO. We all irrespective whosoever are forced to breath polluted air in our routine life. Devices like ionisers,filters,ozonisers etc have been used since long in order to protect. But the question is do they suppliment fresh air intake and provide effective protection from breathing polluted air?

Sandeep Jaidka is the inventor of USA patent number 5606495 and is also the inventor of Digital Smells USA patent number 6152829 and several other inventions.

This invention USA Patent 5606495 has two parts:

A) Sensing the level of polluting gas/gases in the ambient atmosphere.
B) Canned fresh air/oxygen/perfumed air.

Both A & B compliment each other, once the level of polluting gas/gases crosses a preset limit the electronic curcuit activates the release of freshair/oxygen/perfumend air from the canned source attatched until the level of polluting gases comes down to acceptable levels. This device works automatically and ensures 100% accuracy, its easy to use with or without a mask,can be fitted and used in any desired area, ensures the user of providing fresh air as and when required.

Easy on cost. Raw material is available in every corner of the world and is free of cost, one time purchase of electronic sensing device activator which once manufactured in bulk will cost $20/ - and remaining will be cost of refills and bottle of fresh air.

This device is not only useful for the patients already suffering from respiratory/cardiac problems but also protects healthy individuals from breathing polluted air and to become prone to related problems.

We require this device as on today or we await already delayed, unrecoverable past and wait for further only awareness guidelines.