Koolfog Provides Misting Systems to Help Control Fugitive Dust in Worksites

October 21, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 21, 2015 - Dust is made up of tiny particles that travel on air currents. These bits come from a disintegration process such as grinding, crushing or breaking apart larger pieces. Often generated in industrial and construction worksites, dust can be made up of many different components. Depending on size of the particles, the particular elements involved, and other factors, dust can be a nuisance to a significant health and safety risk. Koolfog provides practical dust control solutions to confront health issues as well as the comfort and safety of workers.

In addition to construction and manufacturing settings, dust is also an issue in agriculture, mining and domestic sites. Loading and dumping materials can release dust as well as just the movement of workers. The size and weight of the dust can contribute to whether it continues to float through the air or settle onto the ground or other objects.

Heath issues can range from allergies, general throat, eye, nose, and skin irritation to respiratory illness and long-term diseases. Additional risks associated with dust in the workplace include impaired visibility, damage to equipment, combustibility, odors, and challenges with community relations. Various agencies have implemented standards and regulations to minimize workplace dust and health consequences, from air quality standards (Environmental Protection Agency) to workplace health and safety issues (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) to specific industry standards (Mine Safety and Health Administration). Properly executed dust control solutions can prevent or minimize many of these risks affecting productivity, maintenance expenses and staff morale.

Koolfog misting solutions are especially geared to protect against fugitive dust particles that move throughout industrial facilities, mines, recycle centers and waste transfer facilities. Koolfog provides custom solutions that utilize industrial, highly efficient misting systems to bond with dust particles forcing them to fall from the air. This provides an easy to install, cost effective and simple to manage solution.

Using a series of stainless steel misting lines for durability, high-pressure pumps drive water through the system, where it is atomized into micron sized water particles. Zone controllers, sensors, and variable drives work in tandem to control output and tailor to specific workflows. Koolfog experts work with you to determine the flow rate, nozzle type, nozzle orientation and spray angle that are appropriate and most effective to control dust at your site.

Our systems are developed for endurance over time and in harsh environments, and are backed with extensive warranties. The components are designed to give you the ability to self-monitor and troubleshoot any issues, and Koolfog provides extensive customer support as well.

Whether you need to add dust control to an existing site or want to integrate misting systems into the development of a new setting, Koolfog experts will help you customize and incorporate your system to control the dust and protect the health and safety of your valued employees.

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