EMB Announces new Technology for Credit Repair Merchants

November 18, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
November 18, 2015 - Los Angeles, CA: EMB, eMerchantBroker.com, has been the #1 option for high risk merchant accounts. From adult merchant to credit repair merchants, EMB has the high risk industry covered with their experienced customer reps and superior technology. In addition to an already stable ACH debit system, EMB is offering a chargeback suite to their high risk customers. The credit repair industry is prone to a high amount of chargebacks, and with EMB's chargeback suite, this can all change.

Credit repair companies are usually high risk and high volume, which are two unattractive qualities to conservative banks. EMB can help you get over that hurdle, first with a credit repair merchant account and second with their chargeback suite. Whether you are an existing merchant or have just opened your doors, EMB is here to help better your business. Through traditional banks, without documented credit history, you may be turned away without a realistic chance of applying for a merchant account. This does not happen with EMB. As long as you can keep your chargeback rate at less than 3%, you can obtain a merchant account and chargeback suite from EMB.

While a chargeback can happen to any merchant, it typically happens at a higher rate with those in the credit repair industry. On average, 58% of merchants are not alerted to a fraudulent charge until it turns into a chargeback. With EMB's chargeback suite, you can avoid this surprise by being involved with the entire process, from the moment that the fraudulent charge is reported, to the chargeback or denial.

In as little as 48 hours, you can be on your way to a new credit repair merchant account. EMB specializes in finding the right fit for your business and its individual needs. To learn more about EMB's credit repair merchant account and chargeback suite, visit the EMB site.

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