GPCATS – The Life Saving GPS Tracking Device made for Cats

November 18, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
November 18, 2015 - But hasn't the market had enough? Well, the pet product market is estimated to be worth nearly $60 Billion with 86 million cats owned as pets in the U.S. alone. 3.4 million cats are lost each year and only 2% of those cats are returned to their owners, this is what makes the pet industry so attractive.

Finally, a GPS tracking device co-created by a veterinarian and affordable for any cat owner. GPCats is a lightweight collar that contains GPS technology and can be fitted to a cat's neck comfortably, even small cats. It works out of the box, no activation necessary, and then instantly allows you to see where your cat is. This is all possible by simply using your mobile phone, tablet or web browser.

That's right, wearable tech isn't just for humans anymore. Now you can get your cat synced up and wearing the latest GPS device. We are not referring to a navigation system, rather a small device developed just for cats! GPCats wants to help you find your furry friend if and/or when they decide to seek adventure. GPCats is here to help save your friend from being lost forever!

The device operates using a rechargeable battery that can last 5 days or longer. It uses the signal of GPS satellites to determine the cat's position and then connects with mobile networks to transmit your cat's location. Using a phone, tablet, or PC, owners can then see their cat's last known position on an easy to use app. The software offers different modes changing the update frequency of the position. The lower the frequency, the longer the battery will last. GPCats is meant to be a device for emergencies, switching the device to a live update mode will help you track your cat down when they wander off.

GPCats is currently seeking funds via kickstarter, a crowdfunding website. And did I mention the device is free of service fees? That's right, absolutely no services ever, but this is only available through Kickstater. If you want a tracking device with no service fees you will need to hurry, because this is only available through Kickstarter Backers. Don't miss out! They are currently listed for approx. $75, but quantities at that price are limited. Instead of paying outrageous monthly and yearly fees, they won't charge any monthly or yearly renewal fees at all. Competitors charge anywhere between $89 to $249 per year just for service fees. Better hurry!

In a nutshell, GPSCats is:

  • Designed by a veterinarian who is specialized in treating cats
  • Competitively priced
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for safety with a safety clip collar that releases if the cat gets stuck (and because it's a tracking collar, you'll know the place where it's been dropped!)
  • Comfortable even for small cats
  • Battery lasts for 5 days or more in energy saving mode
  • Comes with a standard Micro USB charging cable and adapter
  • Integrated SIM chip tracking service is free of charge for the first year or longer (please see rewards on Kickstarter)

  • Company Background:
    GPCats is a brand under Startup GPTracks UG, an independent company headquartered in Germany. They specialize in life saving technology for pets under the direction of Co-Founder, Dr. vet. Michael Streicher. Dr. Streicher, came up with this idea to create a device that people could afford and use with every day technology. He even runs a small animal clinic just for cats called, "Katzen-Praxis!"

    GPCats is now over a year in the making, starting with a prototype the size of a standard sheet of paper. From their it was scaled down and duplicated on a 27×27mm test board. Many field tests have been conducted with various cats. With the help of crowdfunding, GPCats will be able to take the final step and produce the first batch of collars. This also gives crowd-funders the incredible opportunity to provide input before production.

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