Aeroponics, Fogponics and Misting Systems In Greenhouse Farming

November 20, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
November 20, 2015 - Greenhouse farming is continually becoming more popular and more successful as advances in greenhouse technology make the industry more efficient and profitable. From improved HVAC to LED lighting to energy efficient solar power, these systems will take greenhouse farming to the next level. Traditional hydroponics systems are also evolving, making way for aeroponics and even fogponic systems. Koolfog is on the cutting edge, developing innovative ways to provide fogponics technologies and misting systems to the growing indoor farming industry.

The benefits of indoor growing systems are somewhat obvious. The environment is controlled and not dependent on weather, which creates a more predictable environment to promote uniformity in plants. Plants are protected from predators and disease and can be grown year-round. Greenhouses also require less space and have more flexibility for location. The advanced systems for providing nutrients to growing plants are making indoor farming even more efficient and productive.

Hydroponics typically work by suspending plants directly in water to supply nutrients without the need for soil. Some people consider aeroponics a type of hydroponics, because it does still use water to provide nutrients. However, using aeroponics, the plants are suspended in an open air chamber. The leafy plants are above, with exposure to sunlight, and the roots are below in the enclosed chamber exposed to the air. The roots are periodically sprayed with nutrient-rich water, using a pump and sprinkler system.

According to a variety of sources, aeroponics causes plants to grow faster at a higher yield, and are often healthier than those grown in soil. Additionally, plants grown with aeropoincs typically require less water and fewer nutrients.

Fogponics is a variation on aeroponics. Plants are similarly suspended, with the roots below in a closed, dark growing chamber. The fogponics system uses pressure to pump vaporized water combined with nutrients into the chamber creating constant fog that continually provides the roots with this nutrient-rich hydration. With fogponics growers can expect full root coverage due to the natural ability of fog to travel throughout very tight spaces, in between root systems. Farmers have reported similar or better yields and growing speeds as with aeroponics, however, fogponics is still new and further trials and research will continue to fine-tune the approach. Many believe that a combination of aeroponics and fogponics may produce optimum results with the application of each method alternating between different grow cycles and times of day.

For more than two decades, Koolfog has been providing custom misting system and fog effect technology for people, plants and animals, to industries including home and commercial construction, restaurants, retail centers, dairies, equestrian facilities and animal sanctuaries, first responder training, and much more. Koolfog is dedicated to the continued development of these systems for use in a range of industries and works closely with companies to provide adapted systems, tailored for their needs. For more information about Koolfog and our products, please call 760-321-9203.

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