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November 28, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
November 28, 2015 - Almost things contain both advantages and disadvantages. And Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) is also not an exception. This post will provides visa applicants with advantages (Adv) and disadvantages (Dadv) of Vietnam visa on arrival and how to improve its disadvantages.

Speaking about Vietnam visa on arrival, people often speak about its 3 incredible advantages, which are simple application procedure, time-saving and cost-saving. Followings are 3 incredible advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival.

Adv 1: Simple application procedure with Vietnam visa on arrival - Getting a visa on arrival is said to be rather simple. The applicant only needs to access to and complete the online secured form which takes only a couple of minutes. That's all for application. And after 1 or 2 working days, they will receive the visa approval letter via email as official permission to board flight and get visa stamped onto passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport. No original or soft copy of passport is required to be submitted for application.

Adv 2: Time-saving with Vietnam visa on arrival - Since the VOA application procedure is completely done online, the applicants don't need to go anywhere. They can submit their application when they are at home, at work or event on bus or train. The only thing they need is a device with internet access. So, with this option, applicants at least may save time spending on travel to the embassy or going out for sending required documents by post to the embassy.

In addition, it normally takes 4 or 5 working days to get visa issued by Vietnam embassy. But it takes only 2 working days at maximum to get visa approval letter if using Vietnam visa on arrival. And event in some urgent cases (Rush Vietnam Visa), visa approval letter can be issued within 3 or 4 working hours, making Vietnam visa on arrival become a savor for many travelers whose flight is just a few hours ahead.

Adv 3: Cost-saving with Vietnam visa online - Cost of Vietnam visa on arrival may be higher or lower than cost of visa issued by Vietnam embassy since the full Vietnam visa fee issued by the embassy is not the same at all embassies. However, if compared to cost of travel to the embassy or postal cost charged on sending required documents to the embassy, costs of a Vietnam visa on arrival (which is around US $46 per 1-month single entry) is absolutely lower.

Dadv 1: Visa on arrival supports air travelers only - Since users of Vietnam visa on arrival will need to get visa stamped onto passport upon arrival at airport, this way of getting Vietnam visa is applicable to those traveling to Vietnam by air only. And it will not work for anyone who comes to Vietnam by crossing the border on land or on a cruise.

Dadv 2: It may take time at the airport - VOA applicants may have to wait 15-30 minutes in front of the immigration counter to get visa stamped depending on number of travelers staying in queue for the same purpose.

Dadv 3: Visa on arrival application is often processed in group - Please note that applications are often processed in group, so there may be unknown names included in the same visa approval letter.

How to improve such disadvantages of Vietnam visa on arrival? It is easy to improve such disadvantages of visa on arrival to Vietnam as following.
For Dadv 1: Make sure to travel to Vietnam by air - Travelers can avoid having visa approval letter refused by making sure that he/she will come to Vietnam by air. In case they plan to travel to Vietnam by land or sea, they should apply for visa at Vietnam embassy in any country which is the most convenient for them.

For Dadv 2: Using fast-track service offered by - has developed the fast-track service as an exclusive service for VOA users who do not wish to stay in queue at the airport to get visa stamped. With this service, travelers will need to do nothing at arrival airport to get visa stamped but staff of will do all for them. Please find more details about this service at

For Dadv 3: Requesting a private letter after submitting online application - All VOA should notice that is able to request the Vietnam Immigration Department to process a private visa approval letter for them. So, right after submitting online application, please leave them a message for private letter to

These are advantages and disadvantages of Vietnam visa on arrival and how to improve the disadvantages. Now let's say goodbye to trouble and be a smarter traveler. Welcome to Vietnam!

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