Foreign Student in the US get their own Publication

January 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News

NEW YORK, January 2006 – There’s finally a publication for foreign students studying in the United States. World Scholar, a glossy news and lifestyle magazine is now available. The magazine, which is available at hundreds of college campuses, aims to showcase the amazing drive and determination of the millions of foreign students who are attending American colleges and universities. World Scholar covers news, student profiles and regular columns like studying and career tips, immigration and law news, the newest books and other media, plus the latest trends in fashion, beauty and consumer electronics.
World Scholar publisher, Jeremiah Hyacinth, says this magazine is the only one of its kind in the United States and will serve as a vital guide and source of information for every foreign student.

”World Scholar will be tremendously beneficial to our readers who will find it to be a truly progressive and empowering magazine,” Hyacinth says. “I am excited because today foreign students finally have their own publication and I remain confident that they will be thrilled to find World Scholar to be informative and insightful.”

World Scholar – printed quarterly with 100,000 in circulation – is a viable resource for companies seeking to reach out to foreign students who have documented income. “World Scholar’s team is excited that advertisers understand the significant contribution of foreign students to the economy,” Hyacinth adds. In addition to the magazine's strong student distribution base, the magazine is also read by college graduates; engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. who are now living and working in the United States.

The magazine’s next issue – the travel issue – will showcase destinations from all continents will be available in April 2006. To book advertising space in this issue, please call a representative at (718) 566-2177 or send an e-mail to

About World Scholar;
World Scholar is a New York City-based magazine for foreign students in the United States. The magazine is published by Uni-Recruitment, Inc. For more information about World Scholar, please visit their Web site: