Shop Insurance Canada Online Car Insurance Quote Tool Comparison

December 02, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 2, 2015 - Shop Insurance has an online instant quote for auto insurance that is among the best available, so the insurance authority compared its car insurance quote system to one of the most established in the industry, the Insurance Hotline instant auto insurance quote tool. Shop Insurance Canada issues its results in the following release, highlighting the speed and efficiency of both quoting systems.

Getting a fast and accurate car insurance quote is something that Shop Insurance Canada prides itself on delivering. So much so that the auto insurance specialist boasts an instant auto insurance quote tool that has quickly become recognized by consumers as among the best online. Insurance Hotline has been winning consumer recognition for over two decades since first appearing to Canadians in 1994. Shop Insurance Canada does not boast that kind of experience online yet, but already the company's instant car insurance quote system has won plaudits and a comparison test showed that the tool is fast and feature rich.

Shop Insurance Canada conducted a single auto insurance quote test on both its own instant car insurance quote tool and the same single auto insurance quote on the tool provided by Insurance Hotline. For the test Shop Insurance Canada used the following customer data:

  • Driver: 35 years old single male
  • Location: Downtown Toronto, Ontario
  • Vehicle: 2014 Honda Civic DX Sedan
  • Use: Pleasure use, 10,000km annual
  • Exceptions: Winter tires
  • Experience: 15 years with no violation, no accidents, and no license suspensions

  • The single car insurance quote test showed that based on the above criteria Shop Insurance Canada and its network of partner providers delivered a more affordable price, $1500 compared to $1783. The Shop Insurance Canada insurance auto insurance quote tool provides a simple and efficient way to see rates from over 25 auto insurance providers in Canada. Consumers are asked fewer questions in the quoting process and the engine is simpler to use, giving users an easy and fast way to see car insurance quotes.

    Insurance Hotline offers a more robust and detailed quoting system that asks more questions and can be fine-tuned by the consumer before seeing rates, allowing more accurate instant results, while Shop Insurance Canada's quick system gives consumers instant results that can be refined afterwards. Shop Insurance Canada gives users the chance to find auto insurance quotes for more than one vehicle or for combining home and auto insurance for a bundled policy.

    Both instant car insurance quote tools allow consumers to tweak and edit their criteria after the initial auto insurance quote process, allowing users to adjust their conviction and accident history and other measurable data after seeing the initial rates.

    Like Insurance Hotline, Shop Insurance Canada also allows consumers to run a comparison car insurance quote with discountable criteria like winter tires and telematics included. Users can see both the bare auto insurance quote and the one with discountable criteria side by side and compare the rates. Also, both providers give the consumer the opportunity to make a call directly to the broker to discuss the car insurance quote further.

    The aim of the Shop Insurance Canada quick auto insurance quote tool is to deliver an easy to use system that gives users quick and accurate rates that can be refined with further information after the initial results are posted. Shop Insurance Canada also offers a stunning mobile experience that is easy to use and among the most feature rich available.

    Shop Insurance Canada points out that the results of this comparison test where wholly based on one single car insurance quote and not multiple auto insurance quotes across numerous criteria. The single car insurance quote test was based on the specific driver data provided by Shop Insurance Canada and detailed in the body of this press release.

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