Squeezed between Fatties, help for those desperate to gain weight

January 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
The gym is often a scary place for those looking to gain weight, however by following the right sports nutrition plan it is possible to put on those lbs.

Although weight training is the best way to build muscles and shape most people leave the gym lighter then they went in. It’s not surprising as the amount of calories burned in the gym (when lifting weights) increases by 500 %.

Peter’s extreme example is not unique “I had struggled all my life to gain weight. At one stage I even went on the 'Ice Cream Diet', which consisted of eating one litre of ice cream a day for a month. This had absolutely no effect on my weight. Being a physically active person who loves working out at the gym, I struggled to gain muscle bulk. Even though I ate to a carefully balanced plan, supported by protein shakes, my weight stayed at around 56kg at 168cm.”

However by following the right diet plan weight gain becomes easy and enjoyable. The key is to eat and drink the right foods at the right time. In particular easily absorbed carbohydrates, with added protein powder, have been shown to help.

The new information on Herbal Energy’s website provides step-by-step advice on what to eat and when, in order to get maximum results. Called the ‘fuel – refuel’ system it was originally developed to help those wanting to get better sports results but works especially well for weight gainers.

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