Announces New Automated Online Full Truckload Pricing and Booking Capabilities

December 18, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News is proud to announce its unique online platform that allows shippers, distributors, and freight buyers of all kinds to automate their Full Truckload shipping program with its Truckload Pricing and Booking online modules. Pricing is available to and from anywhere in North America, with shipping demand usually originating in USA and Canada.'s growth has been exponential and it is making deep inroads into the USA/Canada Spot Truck Market and the market formerly dominated by annual contracts between shippers and contract carriers, at locked in load prices but open fuel surcharges. Customers complain of the variability of their "locked pricing contracts" due to fuel but uniquely assumes that risk on behalf of the shipper. Customers also complain that 3PL and freight industry generally relies on outdated technology. Shipments are still often phoned in, faxed in, and then tracked by inconsistent non-automated ways. adds value by not just relying on the automated reports provided by carriers but by speaking to drivers and providing real time deeper information in the tracking updates customers receive. also has the unique ability to combine the volume shipments of several clients into a dedicated truck delivering faster, deeper control and information to customers. Technology yes but reliable and responsive customer service available 24/7 distinguishes from all other freight-related startups in North America.

As expands its service offerings from FTL, LTL and volume shipments into the global freight markets it is encroaching on territory now dominated by the various transportation intermediaries such as the traditional truck broker, giant legacy 3PLs, the air and ocean NVOCC and freight forwarders, domestic freight forwarders, and carriers and steamship lines. will provide a more user friendly automation combined with risk elimination in many areas of domestic and international shipping. The age of online logistics is fast upon us; there will be massive disruption of the regular providers, and freight buying professionals will be empowered by to cut and contain their costs, eliminate the unpredictable, and perfect and tailor their supply chains. Automated full truckload (FTL) pricing and booking is one critical step in that process and it has been provided in a revolutionary way first by

ABOUT FREIGHTRUN.COM is a partnership of Logistics and Programming professionals. Launched in 2013, it started by automating Less Than Truckload Shipments (LTL) with common carriers. Since then it has added automatic online Volume pricing and booking, utilizing both common carriers and contract carriers from the spot trucking market. can ship domestic or overseas orders from door to door, airfreight or ocean freight. Intermodal truck/rail/truck shipping is also available in LTL and FTL.

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