CamomileQ Released the First Game-Diary "Hello Next!"

December 20, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
December 20, 2015 - Just broke up? Haven't seen your ex for a while but your heart is still broken with no one there to help you cope with the emotional pain? Alex, Roemon and Wen, your virtual life-coaches will help you re-start swiftly with proven emotional and social intelligence development techniques that work (EI).

"Hello Next!Forget your Ex" is a game-diary app employing psychological methods of fighting emotional addiction. It helps strengthen your self-esteem and find a new partner.

The intuitive user-friendly app is designed by leading certified psychologists in the form of an interactive quest. Unlike conventional literature materials on the topic, the app's exciting and challenging activities are effective at maintaining the user's attention, making it impossible to set-aside and forget.

On a daily basis, throughout the three-week program, you will be exposed to an array of dynamic exercises aimed at developing your emotional and social intelligence. Rest assured, your hard work and perseverance will be duly rewarded with a series of prizes, in the form of vivid, entertaining and humorous animated movie skits!

Our convenient diary tool features automated emoji reminders, ensuring that the completion of your exercises and the keeping of your diary are joyful and convenient. Meanwhile, our three virtual life coaches are always standing by with words of encouragement, ready to offer support in times of sadness or solitude.
  • 3 virtual coaches will walk you through effective techniques of mitigating emotional dependence.
  • A series of 21 once-daily exercises will assist in improving your self-esteem, reinforcing and enhancing your relationships with loved ones, as well as establishing goals beyond your present horizons or comfort zone. Experts agree that no less than three weeks of a set routine are necessary to break an undesirable habit.
  • 85 colorful emoji buttons add vibrance and excitement to your diary-keeping experience, while ensuring a higher sense of consciousness over your life.
  • 7 animated-popular films parodies, custom tailored for our app. As you proceed through the daily exercises, you will score points and find entertaining video clip prizes; our heroes will ensure you aren't left without award!
  • Upon tapping the SOS button, you will be offered one of a hundred creative tips from our life coaches, which always know how to overcome discouragement. These can be based on scientific quotes, or simply amusing points that you could expect from a friend. May we always find ourselves in the company of close friends!

  • "Hello Next! Forget your ex" is available on the App Store now!

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