Explainer Video reveals car shipping insides

December 24, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 24, 2015 - The majority of websites do not represent the end company who will do the shipping due to a high competition in the car transportation market, so it is hard to understand who are brokers and who are carriers.

Movewheels have researched top 30 auto transportation companies on how they present their services. Often, the end moving price does not match the price quoted from the start. The majority of companies limit the information provided to phone call explanations only. They also provide answers to lots of faq questions on their web sites, but with lack of insides.

As much as many people might not like to dig into something, knowledge of how auto transport works in the US would save lots of time and money.
Movewheels have created the animated video that explains how the industry works in a simple way. They spent time to do the research so that you won't have to. It will help to make the right choice.

There are a bunch of horror stories about car transportation, but no one talked about why they happen until today. All information that customers may want to know about car transportation insides isin this 3 minute must-see video. It explains how the car shipping industry actually works. The video will help to navigate in the dark waters of car shipping. No superfluous information, just useful tips to get the best experience. This video describes all possible negative aspects of car transportation a customer may face with, such as a bunch of emails from different companies, changing the end price, and finally, the overstated prices caused by the competition of brokers. No more games!

Movewheels video explains what factors affect the shipping price in reality and what determines demand in the car transportation industry. If a person uses a broker to ship his/her car, he/she will be dealing with broker fees additional to payment to the actual carrier. The majority of brokerages misrepresent the shipping process which becomes the reason of customers dissatisfaction. The video offers to try the first ever clear car shipping. It explains how to get really fair price to get the car transported, and it will help make the best deal. offers ways to save money and advise on different shipping options. Years of experience allow them to find the most appropriate option to meet any customer's shipping needs.

Simple one stop for tips and secrets from the professionals in the hells kitchen of car shipping!

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