Portable Garages and Attic Car Garages on End of the Year Discount at Sheds Unlimited

December 27, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 27, 2015 - There are only a few days left to grab the portable and attic car garage deal from Sheds Unlimited which celebrate another good year amidst many changes. In 2015 Sheds Unlimited faced a year of unprecedented change. Three of the partners in the company sold their shares and the company was reorganized under new management. The changes were big, but owner Stephen Stoltzfus Jr happily reports that the year of change is ending well.

And to highlight that good ending and prepare for another year of even bigger changes, Sheds Unlimited is offering a big discount on storage sheds, portable garages in PA and attic car garages built by their team in Lancaster County, PA. Visit the Sheds Unlimited website and one will soon notice that this company has some great designers and marvelous builders.

Sheds Unlimited utilizes a fascinating method for building their prefab car garages throughout PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC and even other New England states. First of all, they build the attic garage garage sections in their shop in the heart of the Amish Country in Lancaster, PA. Working from a very small farm based shop, employees assemble walls, dormers and all that is needed to make the assembly their prefab car garages go smoothly when their team is on site. They go as far as cutting each piece of sheathing that goes on the roof and assembling things like shutters for the windows.

All of this preparation means that even a garage with attic space can, in most cases, be erected in one to two days. The sight is amazing to watch and one can see a small two car garage building project on their website. In two and a half minutes one can watch what happens in one and a half days in the attic garage building process.

Garages from the Amish Builder in Lancaster, PA are a twenty five year old feature of Sheds Unlimited. From the beginning Sheds Unlimited has been building portable car garages first in the location in Honey Brook, PA, then in Lancaster County, PA. But as customers asked for more and more options on their portable garages and detached car garages grew, their lines of garages grew in diversity. Sheds Unlimited was obliged to custom design their line of detached and portable car garages from PA.

After growing their line of portable garages, they began developing a line of two car garages built on a concrete pad on the customer prepared site. Soon garage customers wanted a car garage with attic storage space. That meant they also needed a stairway or a pull down stairs to provide extra storage space with the same size of footprint. For only a few thousand dollars customers discovered they can have a car garage with attic space and have it erected on their site in twenty four hours or less!

From there, Sheds Unlimited developed a two story car garage model which not only featured a full second floor, but also allowed for living space on the second floor. With the added dormers one can now purchase a two story garage with living space and kill two birds with one stone. Although Sheds Unlimited does not provide the finish work on the interior, they have had customers turn the second floor into living space, man caves and other creative uses.

Now at the end of 2015, Sheds Unlimited is offering their full line portable garages from PA, prefab garages, attic car garages and even two story car garages at discounted rates. They had a great year and are looking forward to a year of moving from their current location to a new home about 30 minutes from their current location. The year ahead looks like more change to come, but for now, customers looking for a two car garage can get their deals!

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