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January 09, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
January 9, 2016 - Saving a huge amount of time in training training costs employers a lot of money, as each economist or analyst only becomes productive after a five-month period, a period for which the employer has to pay. We unequivocally state, both to our employers and students, that through our Minopsistech training program employers save a huge amount of money on costs, meaning, significantly lower costs in the company's resources, which is another reason why employers should specifically choose our graduates.

Minopsistech is a professional training program for economists and accountants as many organizations seek our assistance for recruitment. Among those are state ministries, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Tower, Boeing, Coca Cola, Toyota, Unilever, Sony, Nestlé, IBM, and SAP. We at Minopsistech have developed the most advanced recruitment portal on the market in order to provide employers with the best and most professional service available, at no cost on their part.

Minopsistech's certification guarantees employers that the candidates they receive have the practical experience, which was gained in the financial departments of large-scale corporations, which is exactly why Minopsistech's training program is so relevant. The course is also successful overseas. In fact, degrees in economics and business administration do not teach students to do well at the financial departments but merely provide employers an indication that the candidate has good learning skills. Simply put, the degree entitles applicants to send their resumes, but our knowledge enable them to be admitted, succeed and make headway in the various financial departments of the A-listed companies. We think it is important to prepare you for the market requirements.

Minopsistech's training program offers you another advantage by making you better prepared for your job interview. When you go to a workplace with an attitude of "I have something to offer", you have better chances of being admitted. Note that a professional individual, at a CFO or chief economist positions will learn very quickly whether you are a practical or theoretical person. Minopsistech's training program gives you the experience on the ground that will significantly increase your chances of being admitted to your coveted position

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