Olympia Dentist Offers Second Opinions to Improve Patient Understanding

January 26, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
January 26, 2016 - Olympia, WA For many patients, dental treatment plans are often undergone at face value, with minimal or no discussion on alternative treatments. As a result, many individuals often undergo extensive, unnecessary dental care that does not necessarily improve their long-term oral health and function. To help individuals better understand their dental needs as well as alternative treatments, Olympia family dentist Dr. John Weaver offers comprehensive second opinions.

Similar to any other medical treatment, second opinions offer patients the opportunity to explore alternative treatment plans and ask questions about their oral health. By integrating advanced dental technology into these secondary appointments, patients are provided with an in-depth look at their smile, allowing them to better grasp how various treatment options will impact their oral health.

Expressed by Dr. Weaver, "There is a great deal of trust placed in dentists. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in how dental procedures are now becoming more commoditized, often at the expense of the patient's oral health or best overall benefit." With this in mind, Dr. Weaver has dedicated himself to providing patients with personalized treatment plans that conservatively yet effectively address dental issues, yielding long lasting functional and aesthetic goals.

"Patients have the right to choose the best solution for their smile, ask questions about their treatment options, or decide that limited or no treatment at all is best for their life situation. Telling individuals that a particular procedure is their only option can compromise the patient-dentist relationship and puts them at risk of receiving care not best suited for their dentition or particular life situation," says Dr. Weaver.

When it comes to seeking second opinions, the Olympia dentist recommends that patients conduct research on their potential dentist, reviewing available smile galleries as well as peer patient testimonials and meet with the dentist to see if their philosophies of treatment fit each other. Ultimately, individuals should choose patients that they feel they can trust to provide an unbiased alternative treatment. For more information on seeking a second opinion, please visit rendental.com

About Renaissance Dental Care and Dr. John S. Weaver.
At Renaissance Dental Care, our mission is to provide patients with personalized, quality-oriented care. From preventive family dentistry to deeper explanations and second opinions, Dr. Weaver is dedicated to ensuring that patients are provided with the information needed to make informed decisions about their treatment and take charge of their oral health. Whether at his Olympia dental practice or out on the road, Dr. Weaver has developed close relationships with many of his patients, ensuring that all treatments are based on the individual's best interest. For more information about the available services at Renaissance Dental Care, visit rendental.com today.

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