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January 26, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
January 26, 2016 - In recent years, the value of early education has been proven time and time again. With so many studies supporting it, it's no wonder that early education is recommended by almost every educational authority in the country. Discover for yourself just how useful early education can be by downloading your free guide from Tender Care Learning Centers.

A child's early years are certainly a time of transition, and early education programs help to ease a child's most difficult developmental stages. The shift from a child's routine at home being transformed to one where they are surrounded by strangers is often difficult and even traumatic. A major advantage of early education is that much of this can happen easily in a relaxed environment with children their own age. It also allows children to have early exposure to a structured learning environment and common teaching methods that will apply later on in life.

Arguably the most significant advantage of early education is a child's early exposure to social interactions. A child's social interaction can be limited at a young age, and this may show when a child is socializing in elementary school. Early education centers and programs encourage your child to learn to socialize at an early age, helping children deal with both the positive and negative aspects to find common ground and confidence.

Taking advantage of the routines and schedules established by early education programs help to prepare kids for school. A child's life, depending on their household, is often rather unstructured in comparison to even the most relaxed early education environment. Children realize that there are set times for things and can learn how to prioritize by experiencing a routine.

The early education experience is often designed around fun activities at different times during the day; getting children involved as soon as possible in the process of schooling will help them when they are dealing with a formal, structured school environment where expectations are considerably higher.

Children who have the experience of early education will do much better in school than those who do not which is why expanding access to early education will help improve academic performance overall. Discover all of the ways early education programs can benefit your son or daughter by downloading your free guide at

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