Clickagy Launches Audience Lab to Give Digital Marketers Granular Control and Transparency Without Segments

January 27, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
ATLANTA, Georgia, January 27, 2016 - Clickagy, a digital data provider that each month analyzes trillions of behavioral data points across over a billion devices, today announced the launch of Audience Lab, a next-gen DMP which gives control back to the marketer. Audience Lab offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, letting clients find targetable, anonymous prospects based on their actual browsing history across the internet, without using segments or prepackaged taxonomies.

The digital advertising industry is plagued with segments being the primary way to reach new consumers over display, but most marketers agree the model is inherently broken. Segments offer no competitive advantage, as the exact same people are resold to every competitor. There's no visibility into who is actually in each segment, and no transparency into why each visitor was qualified for that segment in the first place. Today's marketers are forced to trust 3rd-party data providers with little industry experience to identify new in-market prospects, instead of the actual businesses who know their own customers best. Audience Lab solves all these problems.

When used as a 3rd party prospecting tool, Audience Lab provides an easy way to find and sort visitors into custom lists, data mining the broad internet to discover consumer journeys which resonate with your brand. Automotive marketers can surgically reach car shoppers by finding all visitors within 50 miles of their dealership who've researched "Corvettes" within the last 14 days, who've also looked up "crash test ratings" or "fuel economy" in the past week, all while excluding the context of auto racing games. These surgical filters mitigate false positives and ensures the audience is actively looking to purchase a car. Once Audience Lab identifies these consumers, Clickagy can either execute a display campaign to serve ads directly, or the audience can be exported to the marketer's DSP of choice without any vendor lock-in.

Audience Lab can also be used as a 1st party DMP, giving publishers the unique ability to craft audiences from granular keyword-based behaviors observed across their website. These custom audiences are commonly used for creative retargeting, improved inventory monetization, visitor analytics, and on-page content optimization. For example, high traffic ecommerce clients may use Audience Lab to retarget only a specific subset of their shoppers, improving ROI by minimizing wasted spend from blindly retargeting the every visitor.

Audience Lab by Clickagy is a powerful product disrupting the digital data space by giving control back to brands and agencies. For more information, please visit or

About Clickagy
Clickagy is a cutting-edge data intelligence company headquartered in Atlanta, GA which created a high-performance DSP, optimized using artificial intelligence, and an innovative 1st and 3rd party DMP called Audience Lab. To learn more about how Clickagy powers highly effective, data-driven marketing, visit or

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