HVAC Brain Meets Increasing Demand for Humidifiers in Hot Yoga Studios

February 01, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
HVAC Brain, Inc. (www.hvacbrain.com), retailer of HVAC/R equipment and replacement parts, is assisting hot yoga studio owners in creating ideal practice environments by supplying high capacity, low maintenance humidifiers such as the Nortec RH2 and NHEL models.

Keeping humidity properly balanced in the studio is essential for aiding practice, as it allows the muscles to relax, helping to prevent injury. Studios teaching Bikram Yoga rely on humidifiers to recreate an environment similar to the style's birthplace - Calcutta, India. This environment aids the body in sweating out toxins while stimulating the body. Other hot yoga styles that rely on humidification to aid practice include Forrest Yoga, Power Yoga, and TriBalance Yoga.

As Hot Yoga has gained in popularity over recent years, many yoga studio owners have come to HVACbrain.com seeking advice on selecting best humidification methods. Due to body's ability to change the indoor environment during yoga practice, studios need a humidifier which will be reactive to these changes. The best humidifiers for yoga studios are ones that can quickly detect changing humidity levels and respond right away to produce the moisture necessary to achieve humidity balance in the space, providing ideal humidity levels of 40 percent. HVAC Brain recommends the Nortec RH2 and NHEL models for use in hot yoga studios.

Hiroshi Saito, co-founder and CMO of HVAC Brain, says, "Yoga studio owners are looking for humidification solutions which will improve the environment inside their studios without requiring time-consuming maintenance. We believe Nortec humidifiers are the best fit for this environment due to their reactivity and low maintenance requirements. Our yoga studio customers have been very pleased with our solutions, and we are gaining more new clients from this industry."

To view HVAC Brain's online selection of Nortec humidifiers, including the RH2 and NHEL models, please visit http://www.hvacbrain.com/Nortec-s/1675.htm.

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