Connect Secretly With Your Crush Through Yentle, The Innovative Dating App Now Available In The App Store And Google Play

February 09, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February 9, 2016 - Do you have a secret crush? Find out whether he or she likes you too with the newly launched Yentle app. Available to download for free, the app allows users to purchase a Yentle code for a small fee. This Yentle code is personalized to each individual and can then be shared with your special crush. How the crush receives this code is up to the sender; this is the one part of the process that is done by the user, not by the app. The options are endless: Write the code on a Valentine's Day card! Have a friend hand deliver it! Secretly post the code on a desk or locker when your crush steps away.

Sparks can begin to fly once your crush receives your special Yentle code. The code can be typed into the app or onto the Yentle website to match up secret admirers. If both sides express interest, the users will receive a notification of a secret crush. This process prevents the possibility of face-to-face rejection and embarrassment. If your crush receives a code and does not show interest in selecting you back, he or she will never know who sent the original code. You can feel at ease knowing that your secret is safe with Yentle!

How popular is your crush? Secret admirers can take comfort in the fact that users can only input up to five persons they like. The matching takes place via a user's email address or phone number. If there is no match, users will never have their identities revealed. Yentle is unique in that both sides are left in the dark until a mutual match is made-making the dating experience more tailored to the individual. Instead of providing a laundry list of singles in your area, Yentle allows for the user to be in complete control of who is able to make a connection with him or her. This leaves the power in the hands of the secret admirer.

The Yentle app allows for individuals to find out easily if their crush has mutual feelings of interest. Any form of rejection is never welcome, but sometimes knowing is better than being kept in the dark. "If it's not a match, that is unfortunate, but at least now you don't have to stay awake wondering about the possibility," says a spokesperson from Yentle. So input the code and wait for a potential match; if sparks do fly, then a connection can begin to be made.

Yentle is now available for free in the iOS App Store and Google Play. More information can be found on the company's website

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