ConsuNova, Inc. releases new Avionics whitepaper "Practical Rules for Requirements Capture"

February 09, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Diego, CA February 9, 2016 - ConsuNova, Inc. releases all new whitepaper on writing better requirements while conforming to DO-178C, DO-254 and ARP 4754A.
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ConsuNova brings together valuable experience to deliver free technical whitepapers covering various safety-critical standards and industry domains. The intent of ConsuNova's industry whitepapers is to educate our community for the challenges ahead while providing the most effective path to success.

This paper establishes a set of seven rules which will allow you to restore some sanity to your projects. These rules, in addition to establishing consistency, promote;
  • The understanding of the differences between constraints and requirements.
  • The conceptual shift in the point of view of the requirements.
  • Writing requirements from the verification / test point of view.

  • Reza Madjidi, ConsuNova President adds, "Writing good requirements belonging to the right level of the requirements' tree has been the #1 challenge with almost all of our clients worldwide. This whitepaper will remind you of fundamental rules of requirements writing are whilst giving you flexibility with things you can ignore plus suggesting requirements standards. After all, we are all about being practical in the way we do consulting; ConsuNova: Safety-Critical experience in a whole new way …"

    ConsuNova continues to thrive bringing effective compliance solutions and services to the aerospace and safety-critical industries. Visit to learn more about this whitepaper.

    About ConsuNova
    ConsuNova is a leading global provider of certification, compliance engineering services and solutions for safety-critical systems to the aerospace and defense industries ( ConsuNova provides ARP 4761, ARP 4754A, DO-200A, DO-254, DO-178C Compliance Solutions faster & in the most cost-effective way.

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