Thinking Outside the Boxe Announces Correspondents' Weekly Forum 2016

February 09, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
Myrtle Beach, SC February 9, 2016 - Thinking Outside the Boxe is pleased to announce its weekly correspondents' forum for 2016. The forum will feature opinions from correspondents throughout the United States as well as Jamaica. They will cover topics such as current political events and the elections, geopolitics, societal issues, the economy, and foreign affairs. The correspondents have diverse geographical, political and socioeconomic backgrounds. The purpose of these weekly questions is to begin conversations and gather interest in the important topics facing Americas. Thinking Outside The Boxe openly asks for feedback regardless of political affiliation, and takes pride in offering opinions from all "sides" in the matters at hand.

The correspondents' responses will available at Each question will also be released periodically via Thinking Outside the Boxe's blog, and social media outlets. Suggestions for topics can be submitted via the blog, website, or social media.

About Thinking Outside the Boxe-Thinking Outside the Boxe is a private, nonpartisan think tank that is dedicated to providing a wide variety of perspectives on issues that are of interest to the general public. The views that are expressed in Thinking Outside the Boxe's commentaries and research are often times uncommon, provocative, and controversial. Thinking Outside the Boxe's mission is to formulate and promote positions and to provide research, independently, that would otherwise be deprived of an outlet in the mainstream media. Thinking Outside the Boxe's commentators and researchers seek to broaden the parameters of public knowledge by addressing issues in such a fashion as to provoke thought and debate on some of the most pressing issues of our day.

Thinking Outside the Boxe's Champagne Summit series began as a side event to the annual symposium held in December each year. Increased interest in the Champagne Summits by participants and guests led Thinking Outside the Boxe to expand the Champagne Summits to one event per quarter in addition to the annual symposium.

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