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February 12, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
February 12, 2016 - When the most successful, eligible singles want to find a romantic partner, their dating venue of choice is exclusive, members-only dating and matchmaking service SEI Club.

High-profile singles ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to fashion models are drawn to the service because of its exclusivity and the high-quality matches it provides, an SEI Club spokesperson said. SEI Club reviews show that member satisfaction is high.

"For more than 14 years, we've offered our dating and matchmaking services to the financially, socially and culturally elite," the spokesperson said. "We've developed a track record of success that our members really appreciate."

Exclusivity and quality go hand-in-hand at SEI Club, as each applicant for membership goes through an extensive and rigorous screening process. Applicants meet with a member of the club's executive team and are evaluated on attractiveness, success, education and sophistication. Team members also do their best to get an understanding of the member's guiding morals, ethics and values. They determine whether or not each applicant is a positive, happy, healthy, well-adjusted person who can thrive in a loving relationship.

"We are extremely selective when it comes to admitting members," the spokesperson said. We want to ensure a great experience. "We look closely at every applicant to determine if they're able to be in a successful , meaningful and valuable, romantic , relationship and capable of being a true partner. That's part of what makes the SEI Club matchmaking and dating experience so positive and enjoyable."

One of the methods used is examining how closely applicants follow the "Golden Rule," that is, if they treat others the way they would like to be treated. Looking at factors like that helps the executive team decide if the applicant is a good fit for the club, the spokesperson said.

"We want our members to be successful, of course, but we also want them to be good people, and to be good partners for other members. We take their personality traits into consideration before accepting them, because success and affluence alone aren't enough." SEI Club reviews highlight that this method serves club members well. Published member feedback is incredibly positive.

In all, less than 35 percent of those who apply gain membership. Those who do have already cleared the high bar of affording membership in the club. Membership fees start at $1,200 for a basic membership and go up to $300,000 and more. Members at every level are guaranteed a certain number of matches over a specific period of time. The club has also launched a completely unlimited membership option, which is a Million Dollar Membership. "The price is a reflection of our commitment and the desire to provide the absolute highest quality service to members," the spokesperson said.

"Our members are affluent and successful, and they want to meet other singles who share the same background. The website is where these exceptional singles are referred to initiate the application process. Word of mouth referrals are a huge part of how new members come in, though everyone goes through the standard application process to ensure membership quality."

The level of exclusivity and personal attention, along with the club's famed discretion attract high-profile singles. Many of them have a public persona, which makes it difficult for them to find someone through traditional dating, and others want to protect their privacy. Because the club handles so many of these types of clients, they're confident that they can find someone through SEI Club, the spokesperson said.

Each member receives a portfolio of matches created exclusively for them, which is based on their romantic preferences and relationship goals. During the application process a member of the executive team gets an understanding of what each member is looking for, whether that's meeting new people to date or finding a long-term romantic partner, or anything in between. The portfolio of matches is tailored to meet those goals, and is filled with like-minded singles.

"One of the reasons members are so happy with what we provide is that we weed out unsuitable matches in advance," the spokesperson said. "We are very careful about who members are introduced to, and we respect their time. We only match them with people who they are compatible with, and with whom they have the potential to form a lasting romantic relationship. It is an enormous opportunity to meet the right people."

Once the member receives a portfolio of matches, SEI Club handles all the arrangements for an initial meeting. The club sets up a date and then follows up after the fact to see if the pair are interested in getting to know each other further.

"Our members are busy people," the spokesperson said. "They have businesses to run, or they have major time commitments that could make scheduling difficult. We want them to not worry about the details of a date and focus instead on getting to know their new match. We work to offer them a simple, elegant experience so they can truly enjoy themselves."

One reason the matches are so successful is that they are always made by members of the executive team, rather than by a computer algorithm. The club's experienced matchmakers get to know members closely and use that knowledge to craft portfolios of matches that members will want to get to know better. And because members have much in common already-they're successful, driven, ambitious and looking for a romantic relationship, there is a strong base for them to build upon.

"Our members end up finding personal and professional connections and opportunities that they didn't expect when initially applying at," the spokesperson said. "That's part of the power of connecting two high-caliber people-they can take things in unexpected directions and make something beautiful."

Some members end up finding marriage partners, or starting families, while others form long-lasting relationships with people who they wouldn't have otherwise met. Because of SEI Club's exclusivity, members are able to feel comfortable around one another quickly, which helps the process, the spokesperson said.

SEI Club members are some of the most attractive and affluent, international, eligible singles in the world. You'll find a plethora of SEI Club reviews that share how enjoyable their dating experience often is.
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